Innovative Project to Reward Sustainable Businesses in Tel Aviv
The Tel Aviv Environmental Authority is launching a new initiative that could significantly benefit the municipality, both environmentally and fiscally. The Urban Green Label project could bring half a million shekel worth of savings in water and electricity consumption to the municipality. It could also mean less traffic, less noise, and less air pollution. Altogether, the project is expected to result in the annual reduction of more than 1 million disposable products and 30 tons of organic waste. The project is being launched in cooperation with the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP) and the  Standards Institution of Israel.

The pilot project of the Municipal Green Seal has come to a close, with 20 businesses and the French Embassy in Tel Aviv receiving the official seal on Thursday, May 19, at a ceremony.

Through the project, private businesses are provided with a professional staff that leads them through the process of applying for a Green Seal at the Standards Institute of Israel.

In order to be eligible for the seal, businesses, including restaurants , coffee shops, and other businesses with valid licenses, must meet four requirements:

  1. Green procurement: They must purchase environmentally-friendly goods and services.
  2. Inventory management, so as to ensure that products aren’t wasted, and waste reduction.
  3. Energy efficiency.
  4. Water savings.


The initiative links the "green" agenda with business efficiency, and thus produces an attractive program that helps business owners adopt environmental and efficiency solutions that actually contribute to profitability, as well as to a better quality of life and better environment in the city.

Environmental Protection Minister Avi Gabbay: "The new standard is important news for small businesses, as it will help not only with their energy efficiency and profitability, but also with environmental preservation. We will continue with similar initiatives in other areas in Israel."

More on the requirements to receive the Green Seal and the process (Hebrew only).