Inshallah: will the name of the field intelligence Corps combat intelligence collection Corps

חיילי מודיעין השדה בפעולה. בקרוב יקראו חיילי ”איסוף קרבי”. צילום: דובר צה”ל

With the advent of the change actively reduced the force’s responsibilities for collecting combat only, to refine and improve his abilities in the subject • more under changes: the school field (in isalm) is moved to the base targeted “Scouts”
And be called the school of combat “collection

תאריך: 25/03/2009, 10:09    
מחבר: ארנון בן-דרור

Field intelligence Corps would move powers audio for the intelligence Corps, and will be called soon, called “combat intelligence collection Corps”. With the advent of the change actively reduced the force’s responsibilities for collecting combat only, when until now also force business training and the intelligence officers of the units field. The name change will be brought soon to the final approval of the Chief of staff, General Gabi Ashkenazi.

The purpose of this change is to allow the Navy to concentrate its resources exclusively to the field of intelligence gathering
The combat, and thus to improve the capabilities in this field. Moreover expected to take force.
Responsibility for areas of activity related to combat collection that are not currently under
Field intelligence Corps, such as the patrol divisions (God forbid), that exist in the Engineering Corps battalions.

The decision to return to be applied in the field intelligence Corps fell at the end of 2008, after intensive staff work that lasted for two years. Combat intelligence collection Corps include the three existing regiments in the field intelligence Corps: 3rd Battalion “,” Bud “and” Battalion “Eagle” battalion; And for collecting combat, where the fighters will be collecting and ttzpithnit of force.

Meanwhile, prepare a force field to deliver field intelligence school (isalm) btzalim to the base “Scouts”. The move, expected to be in may, grant to bisalm (to be called the school of combat collection) the fire zone exclusive school, improved TOS soldiers and many more classes than it has today. The move is part of an overall plan of GoC army headquarters, which aims to transform an area-shizafon training the Rangers hiilit long. Armored defense cadets who are currently “ב”סיירים “moved to a base near shizafon, so ש”סיירים will be home of the combat collection (MAUDE).

Translated from Hebrew