Intelligence and information bodies in Israel following the split media


Changing the media access in Gaza ground entrance is possible since “lead.
Cast aside from physical war on Hamas terrorist organization also conducted surveillance and dust visible media to identify and move the organization mode

תאריך: 17/11/2012, 17:48    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

The war against Hamas in air, land and sea. Intelligence agencies and the State of Israel’s propaganda machine working hours and hours trying to identify
The main trends in the Arab and international media, and lessons. The media in Gaza
You can learn a lot about the Palestinian public opinion and of Hamas.

For example, Al-Aqsa, “–”, “Al-Quds”, Forum and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, reported yesterday morning about “a wounded soldier in Ashdod and easy often presented Israeli aircraft fall never So, as part of the attempt to transmit a victory at any cost, even by presenting false information or concentration “successes” are few and small.

Moreover, Hamas reports were often unreliable, including false reports, which also claimed that Israeli officials confirmed them like 22 channel 10.
Hamas is very damaged credibility after the Organization’s spokesperson on tv said that the aircraft was shot down, and the synagogue was hit by a rocket.

Over the weekend said “Al-Aqsa radio that” such a thing has not yet been in Gaza “when referring to the bombings. Therefore you can see that communication in Hamas calling for soldiers to enter the Gaza Strip. However, in 2008 a few days before entering Gaza, the Hamas media mocked and said she invites to Gaza.

All these and more are represented in the media in Gaza City, in locations exposed to everyone.
The cracks in the credibility of Hamas, concerns and feelings of the residents due to the incessant bombardments in parallel with the increasing threat of ground entry.

Translated from Hebrew