Intelligence and Kiryat Ono in the recruitment situation requires encouraging the recruitment rate for Israel

ראש אכ”א במפגש, אתמול. צילום: אכ”א

Top אכ”א met with mayors leading investigations. Head General Ali אכ”א love: good connection to Israel and to the Israeli State.

תאריך: 21/02/2013, 17:40    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Heads of local authorities from across the country convened yesterday (Wednesday), in recruiting at Tel Hashomer, an encounter in אכ”א, headed by Maj. Gen. Ali love and top brass of the Department. The encounter took place there in recognition and appreciation for the local authorities in recruitment and service investigations.

Israel cities ranking list, ieads traditionally Modi’in Maccabim-Re’ut, both among males and females 56.8% of men reporting for her service, along with 51.9% of women. Cities that continue the recruiting Yehud, Kiryat Ono both men, Maalot tarshiha and Rosh haayin. Among women, the leading cities are Quezon, Kiryat Ono, givatayim and Ramat HaSharon.

The list of regional and local councils, opening the Western Upper Galilee, with 93.1% percent female recruitment and 57.4% recruitment rate men, that 79% are serving in combat roles. Her local Council 2007 blades, Misgav Regional Council, the mevo’ot hahermon regional and local village Council.

As every year, the local Council julis leads over other local councils in terms of recruitment – 100% of her sons enlist local Council the Israeli Kfar tavor is the recruitment of women from local councils, with 100%.

It should be noted that the position in the table examines only the recruitment itself but additional parameters, including the scope of the officers and officers in the settlement, the warriors and the Corps implements quality roles.

Intelligence and Kiryat Ono in the recruitment situation requires encouraging the recruitment rate for Israel

אכ”א head opened the meeting, which takes place this year, and noted that” the making of a tradition. The aim is to strengthen the cooperation and the relationship to local authorities. The dialogue between us is a reality. Operational needs all the fighting scenes, as well as ethical aspects of equality the burden, “explained the champion love,” adding that “the possibility that we will have to deal with some fighting scenes simultaneously requires proper preparation.”

Keep the identity of the military–despite the variance among populations

Head of planning and personnel Manager (תומכ”א רח”ט), Brig. Gen. Gadi Agmon, presented an overview of the main authorities on the army recruitment and the variables that affect aspects of recruitment. “The reality requires us to know how to preserve the success in recruiting and where it exists, and to understand how to influence non-authorities in raising”, said at the meeting.

The meeting discussed a number of additional aspects of personnel. Among other things, the need for skilled manpower and technology. תומכ”א רח”ט said at the meeting that “the IDF fighter came to the realization that manipulate and also mster must possess a basic knowledge of technology to operate different systems.”

Education and youth officer, Brig. Gen. Ali shermister, gave a comprehensive overview of the main authorities on the subject-interface company and encouraging the raising of education in communities. “We need to keep the identity of the army despite the variance among populations. We have a shared responsibility to protect and also for the future of society, “said קח”ר.

Moreover, Brig. Gen. shermister introduced the IDF as allowing military service alongside completing education, language acquisition and social skills, and develop teamwork and command capabilities
Along with the consolidation of common values. “Common challenge with enormous tensions that we
Need to settle, but this is our chance to put all the avenues.
Despite the lack of uniformity we create unity, “explained קח”ר, adding that “despite the budgetary distress – preparation for the Israeli sweep, and we get to Edna for its outstanding partnership with local authorities.

The meeting in remarks of Gen. Ali אכ”א, love, that sought to put the spotlight on the issue of increasing encouragement of recruitment among the women. “The island data’s appalling rush and harass and bring their amrkazity to shift in Israeli society. The session and connection do well to IDF and the State of Israel, “summed up.

Translated from Hebrew