Intensive activity continues to prevent terrorism in Judea and Samaria

Days after which the cloud page intensive preparation, take Warriors of weapon and ammunition the sniper in Hebron district. Other concepts were made this week by “Kfir fighters.

תאריך: 29/11/2012, 16:30    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

A variety of weapons seized this week during an arrest on the Palestinian village of Yatta bgsert. The troop’s operational company Shaham “Noah Division captured weapons, ammunition and military equipment, which held only a short time after that where the employment sector of the Gaza Strip area, where something in preparation for operation” pillar “.

“Yesterday we received an order about the finding of amlach Yatta village,” said Deputy Commander of the operational company, Lieutenant Packager chassis. “From the moment we began to run on managed plans, drills, and closings, when late at night went to task”.

The company, along with powers and in the village, and closed on the House that he had received.
Intelligence about x. “made several traces at the same time, and while I was in the first detection, we heard back from one of those closings,” said Lieutenant wraps. “One of the soldiers ran towards the noise source and see the popup window requested. Immediately we got it, we stopped it and started searching immediately. The company found the requested place of backfires a bag puppet piece, and warehouses in the area found Bruce heavy machine gun ammunition-filled, sniper bullets, pistol bullets and military equipment. Elsewhere that night seized knives and bullets, and the requested was transferred to the police force.

As mentioned above, “granite” Battalion returned earlier this week to Lebanon in the Hebron region, after preparing for weeks intensively to the bottom entrance to the Gaza Strip, as part of operation “pillar”. The Regiment is in employment sector for five months and over
All employment not experiencing adverse events. “During the arrest yesterday of the company functioned fine, very sharp and professional, with an insistence and managed to meet and find Hummel,” noted Deputy wraps. Additionally, the CM said early labour battalion posted a significant number of operational successes in the field. “The kind of complex employment because the interface between the Jewish rabbi to Palestinians in Hebron, and the soldiers dealing with early employment already nicely and very professional. Where you put us prove our abilities, such as finding Hamel last night. “

Since “pillar”: the rise in Tin event in Judea and Samaria

Meanwhile, the Kfir Brigade performed week operational, together with Israel, to arrest wanted in Surif in the Bethlehem area. During the arrest found in home gun Uzi knives and ammunition of various kinds. Requested was arrested and taken for interrogation by the security forces, the weapons were seized by force.

Captain GAL Shmuel, Commander of the battalion’s point company “Nachshon” Kfir Brigade, which carried out the arrest and Hamel, said “we have received information that dangerous and ambocsh could escape. We decided not to get in the way, but the ride and foot traffic in traffic late at night. We closed on the House and started operation. After we pulled up we requested, and search the House found gun bullets, shotgun bullets, fake Israeli identity cards and submachine guns. After the arrest the police investigation requested.

As mentioned above, since operation “pillar” an increase in the quantity of events up in Judea and Samaria, an injectable, riots and terrorist attacks. Only recently carried out an attack against a bus in Gush Etzion junction area, Lebanon troop of Nachshon, “which act the event immediately. “When the bus came to a point where the regiment’s reconnaissance force have we made to him. We arrived and identified by a gun.
And began to work the event, which included closure of Fajar and searches inside, “noted Captain Samuel. These types of effects, and shooting a considerable amount of weaponry in popular, are not common at all, according to m.

In both cases, said Capt. Samuel because soldiers were functioning at a very high level and professional. “We wanted a very quiet movement without the villagers noticed you entered. The navigation was quick, without messing around. Also in the operation of the Gush Etzion junction, the soldiers do their jobs and because it’s in the running.
Arrests and incidents of this kind and performs them for two years, “he concludes.

Intensive activity continues to prevent terrorism in Judea and Samaria

In addition to the village of Surif, held this week in the Beit Ummar, captured several. In Surif was subject to arrest in Beit Ummar, and battalion operations company “Nachshon” Kfir Brigade “is the one that stopped the number of which have been transferred to the police investigation. “The fighters conducted many drills on foot entry and making the arrest quickly and efficiently, which could see their execution in detention two days ago, no orgshno in the village,” said the company commander, Capt. Benny

In addition, from noted that “since operation” pillar “conducted extensive arrests in Judea and Samaria, and the regiment involved in intense and significant”. Captain quietly concluded that successful results and the regiment performed a number of regimental operations out of Lebanon, “Etzion and חטמ”ר since we got the good job carried out operational in November and of the Regiment, which keeps the area cool.

Translated from Hebrew