Intensive care: preparing for mass-casualty attack scenario in pre-release military prep school?

צילום: דובר צה”ל

Medical forces of troop חטמ”ר Binyamin and Tabor” practiced response to mass casualty shooting in the kdam military prep school “Elisha”, from the wounded to the pursuit of terrorists and illegal

תאריך: 17/02/2015, 17:03    
מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אתר צה”ל


Three terrorists invade pre-military near halamish settlement and open fire toward the students staying in it, critically injuring many of them.
How will the IDF force in that sector to capture terrorists and providing medical treatment to injured many instead? This scenario recently practiced medical forces Brigade (חטמ”ר), overlooking Ramallah, and Jewish and Arab communities
The nearby. The exercise, held in the Divisional forces, also included the Magen David Adom and the battalion of the HFC Tabor, performing operational employment.

“On this occasion, control of multiple injuries, she composed”, the medical officer of Captain Benjamin Paz, a pharmacist who led the exercise. “Our goal was to practice
The evacuation forces and medical care – that assumes ח”ע fighter (tourniquet – j. c.) and senior medical practitioners. In cases like this there is always a mess – but we try to be as mess “, explained Captain pharmacist.

In order to ensure the best treatment for the wounded in the shooting and to prevent further injuries, medical troops entering the area dressed in protective gear, and the wounded are being evacuated to a remote signal from the scene. “Medical Brigade forces could encounter themselves in terrorist or stripe, shooting and let the initial response to the forces fighting in the ring, so it is important to practice them operational aspects”, emphasizes the major pharmacist. “As far as we’re concerned, all training is the last practice before the next patient.

The existence of the preparatory military exercise ‘ Elisha ‘ set because it is one of the main roads in sector, vulnerable to throws stones and Molotov cocktails, and therefore is a priority in terms of the Brigade. “This is a strategic and important axis we want to be prepared for that kind of scenarios,” explains Captain pharmacist.

In addition to training of medical personnel of the regiment also Regiment of Tabor home front command took part in the exercise. The Regiment, which is operational in employment sector, was responsible for the hunt and capture terrorists in a scenario. “This exercise to prepare us for a possible event,” Battalion Commander Lieutenant Colonel Smith, Chai spice. “We can say that the index up (hostile terrorist activity) of axes that we condemn them going up, so we ‘ immigrants ‘ level of exercise exercise, said.

Battalion commander Lt. Col. English trust him on the sector in recent weeks, which made multiple arrests during which found a large quantity of weapons. “Almost every night we
Find here weapons – pistols, shotguns, ammunition, telescopic and intentions “, he said.
“We’re closing fast circuit all operations regarding hostile terrorist activity in the region. We
Try to practice alongside the existing operations in the sector, and exercise that excites us.
And makes us better “, c.

Translated from Hebrew