Interest is troubling: even צה”לי campaign will focus on sexual harassment awareness

Squadron headquarters launched an extensive campaign that includes videos, informational materials and lessons, in order to emphasize the danger of disturbing discourse baiderdrot to sexual harassment. The squadron: revealed zero tolerance towards the problem

תאריך: 10/02/2013, 13:15    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

In its battle to reduce total slurs in the IDF, launched today (Mon) Squadron headquarters (women’s Affairs Advisor) official campaign titled “disturbing” issue: last week previously to the Squadron “self-obligation in private lesson accompanied by film, about a short distance between Bush’s troubling to sexual harassment. In addition, Brigadier General Rachel TEVET-Wiesel, 1st Squadron, a unit mmonothia using a video produced.

This morning released a letter to the IDF, including the accompanying sexual harassment campaign and dedicated website to link up to the net and covers the subject. The side letter published tomorrow day command Squadron tastes, leaflets and posters will be distributed in various army units — emphasizes risk baiderdrot mashiah bothers to sexual harassment.

The campaign is the product of the film unit and the campaigns section of the IDF spokesperson, watch this video:

Zero tolerance for sexual harassment

“We opened an innovative campaign, perfectly designed for soldiers and junior commanders, that the main population we want to deal with it,” said today.
The Squadron, Brigadier General-Wiesel incentive. She was the year a reduction in the number of reports of sexual harassment that come to Ho, but we want to see this decline persists. Our intent is to deal with the moment before sexual harassment “, preventive treatment
Foreplay. “

The squadron’s activity center praised what the army, dealing with issues of sexual harassment and counsels soldiers and commanders, and said she is proud that it “allows treatments continue after dealing service and treatment. She said that “the issue of
Sexual harassment in troubling because women serve in law and therefore we are responsible for shloman, and their safety. “

On Tuesday sent text messages to mobile phones, to inform the recipients of the campaign and on the attention to the subject. The starting point of the current campaign is a disturbing existential hopelessness to crossing borders to a promiscuous, obscenities and sexual humor. Familiarity with the treatment of sexual trauma events shows that culture, in no small part from cases, germination sexual harassment. In יוהל”ן indicate that in case diplomacy stumbles, zero tolerance of sexual harassment.
And intend to do everything in their power to put an end to a disturbing atmosphere and no dialogue.

רמ”ד research personnel Division of GoC army headquarters, Maj. Yael patient, research on the male perspective on the issue of sexual harassment. The study recommends tagging disturbing incidents of abusive actions and peer into account others missing, providing
A solution-oriented and adapted to any type of harassment and increasing responsibility of commanders and language awareness
Speech, jokes and personal example. In cases of sexual harassment per se, determine the squadron headquarters, given the systemic response and strong statements. In cases where a soldier or a soldier feels there is a disturbing atmosphere iachidtam or sexual harassment – can refer to commanders, what is (coping and support centre), the Committee of the squadron are to command the EA or w.

Translated from Hebrew