Into the Inferno and back story of the heroism of Dan Ziv

זיו, בתקופת מבצע “קדש”. צילום: אוסף פרטי

57 years later: Lt.-Col. (Res.) Dan Ziv, has awarded the IDF site number on the bloody battle it fought during operation kadesh “

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מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

When Dan Ziv shsg called his company commander and asked permission to return to power, he was asked in wonder: “what, are you alive?” The from believed likely that Ziv, who was sent to mission impossible in front of two battalions in operation kadesh, Egypt came out of this event in my life.

But Ziv, the Commander of the platoon commanders course only 30 days before, replied simply: “what is alive, living like a King.” The same battle received second lieutenant Ziv, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.), the Medal of Valor. But even today, exactly 57 years later, Ziv in acetnot that the decoration on the same bloody day 290 God preserve him and his soldiers from the guard and gave them home safely.

The year is 1956, October 29th. It was then five in the afternoon. Battalion 890 drops the mitla pass parachute his mythological, and Ziv, the Commander of Alpha company Department, acknowledged that “we haven’t had the confidence even to lead”. He never imagined that the next 48 hours, which were complicated and in many way.
Connected to the drop after 30 hours 202 paratroopers brigade under the command of Sharon, and 12 hours later, at noon on 31-10, starting the battle of mitla pass, during operation.

Five kilometers west of the drop was a regimental compound concept Strait in case IDF invade the southern Chinese. “No one in this country knew about the existence of the site. At the same time as other troops took Egypt and compound range battalion, “says Ziv. Meanwhile, Meg “raful” called the air force attacked the complex and reported the enemy disabled. In practice, the two Egyptian troops remained in their positions and waited patiently and quietly the developments. In the afternoon, it was decided to exclude battlegroup side transport
The eastern end of the sling to the West entrance and check.

The team led by Meg Mota Gur included two brigades from the Division Patrol, led by MICAH kaposta and Meg, Aaron, tanks under tsvika Dahab and 120 mm mortar party “in its movement into the mitla pass, where he met the two Egyptian troops in the middle of lunch. Not the Egyptians and the Israelis understand what happens and who belongs to whom. Mota manages to cross the Strait with two companies and two side tanks, the Egyptians come into their positions, open fire and shutting down the Strait, “says Ziv. Now, Eric cast his battle management davidi “situation-Motta was left stuck on the East side with his team, while davidi didn’t know the area. It has no maps or aerial photographs, he didn’t recognize the Egyptian power stations and the size of the stand. Davidi was determined to win the battle, the Egyptians and connect to the power of bias “.

Turn, Ziv

At the same time, davidi call Rafael Eitan (“raful”) who was the battalion commander of battalion 890, Ziv, seeks reinforcements. Now enters the picture, as Sieff from Alpha company sent to davidi, along with two additional battalions, accompanied by Meg “raful”. After scanning the area and examining the situation, stating that he needs David wants to go on the road with Strait, when without the knowledge of the Israeli force in the Strait to the other side of the road are two Egyptian regiments.

“Davidi told us” there is no doubt the Egyptians open fire on and I volunteerism, “raful” look at reflecting to locate positions, and this plan the mission, “says Ziv,” raful “rose” and says, “I volunteered.” Davidi eliminates him and told him, “sit down,” I need you to do other things. “

Yehuda Ken-Dror, David’s, volunteered for the job, jumping and moving the curve. “Immediately we hear fire shot, and suddenly quiet. It was clear to me that Judah wasn’t able to continue, “says Ziv, at the same time was just 20 metres from the scene with his land, hears and sees everything. It should be noted that although heavy shelling Judah Ken-Dror
He managed to return under cover of darkness when he injured the force, but unfortunately for three months.
After the battle, died of his wounds. He abandoned was awarded the.

At this point, David and Ziv “raful” facing, m. “Dan Ziv, now it’s your turn,” they tell me what. “. You get זחל”ם (half larvae) and five soldiers,” says Dan complaints about him a memorable moment. “You go on
The road within the Strait, Egypt fired upon while and you need to track where their positions. Then get to the other side, the force and check its status. You take with you.
Injured back strength, and report to me and “raful”. I mean, it’s not dead checking one but double, “he describes.

Ziv goes to his mission, not before he lifts his eyes to honor. “I turned a way consecrated in honour of God, and said,” we’ll be down there, and I ask you to look at
Have a good eye. Ziv, who was at that time barely 20, and what he did.
In the same conversation many years later, when he asked the God saying, “you’re going from the top to the death and we do the job properly,”.

Ziv and launched. “The Egyptians were shooting at us like crazy. Only then we found out that sat there two battalions, 700-800 soldiers in total. They don’t stop shooting, but they couldn’t even scratch any of us, “says Ziv. “We managed the Strait and LaMotta and then loaded five wounded. I called from my killed at night after that. He was surprised to hear I was alive, and ordered me to go back. “

“Raful”, shut the fuck up.

Despite the heavy fire of Egypt, Ziv and return to davidi and “raful”. Ziv sent Caterpillar with the wounded for treatment, raced to corporations to report on what is happening and David “raful”. “I found them lying on the ground when the snipers shooting at them from a distance of 200 to 300 meters from us, and I, like a fool,
For them, “admits with a smile,” David Sandall looks at me and asks, “well, what did you see?”
After I explained he asked what I do. “

“I was a second lieutenant and he was Lieutenant Colonel and means that even my husband low ranks and has nothing to contribute to command success in battle. Ziv said not to travel through the road that is full ”
“Egypt and offered to foot North flanker Southeast through the wadis and LaMotta.
At the same time shouting “raful” tirelessly Ziv. “Lie! They will kill you. ” Tired of me.
I turn to the “raful” and tells him, “raful”, “shut up and stop bothering me because I’m in the middle of the task. “Raful” rose and stood by his ה”רפולית, standing arms folded and spaced out,” says Ziv about unusual situation.
“The only wise pilot was commander David,” come here, my two heroes
The command I want Paul “. And we both fell. Then we continued with the strength to fight, until the Egyptians have been disabled completely.

The Medal of Valor he received in 1973 from Moshe Dayan and defense that got him “exemplary courage discovery in battle”. But Ziv recalled a conversation with little respect.
The name, just before he left the dangerous battle, and explains that “just because I respect the name kept us going here.” Ziv and emphasizes that “Medal of Valor coming-and I thank him for the Division of responsibility between us and we both managed to complete each mission, when he saved our lives, and we make our own in battle.

Translated from Hebrew