Introducing ה”עיטם – control plane of the air force.

Really, without real, engaged in 24 cases in defence of my country. The responsibility to assist aircraft in operational and to shoot down planes that endanger the State of Israel

תאריך: 30/07/2012, 15:22    
מחבר: יובל צוק, אתר חיל האוויר

Not many know the Nahshon Squadron “, which didn’t, Nachshon, for example” Etam “. The sea eagle is flying control unit, which helps aircraft (especially fighters) on operational missions, when ground control units are insufficient.

Mission country name protection to her allies control value is an enormous task, not ongoing 24/7. Does not require much to convince control officers the importance to the system.
The Israel Defense Forces. Visit 19:30 authority abortion, “says ferry Captain Yair, visit the Nachshon Squadron. “If he decides that is endangering the State of Israel, the State of Israel gives him the power to overthrow him.

“Country name protection is the number one task for the air force, and it must
Discovery. We give air Eagle “, Captain allica arbiter, also visit the squadron.
“Every mistake can create a sequence of mistakes.”

“Visiting the regional control units to a static image. We can move the image with an effect on the flight, “Greece captain Yair. Furthermore, the Etam group has systems installed in the IDF, which fail to see long term distances. “There’s a huge Eagle discovery,” says Captain allica, he sees all the targets in the range very far, even at ground level. You can see the route 6. I need to know what is relevant for my task.

Air traffic control mission is airborne. “In the complex plane, are performed by a limited amount of cases. Each visit is responsible for many tasks, and
Division of attention, teamwork and high level of grooved, Maj. Nimrod, Squadron flight commander control

The fillet for the Squadron is unique synergy created between the controllers and the pilots. “Despite initial concerns this strange combination, the result is a great success,” says Maj. Nimrod. The Taiwanese team “Nachshon” also helps operational cooperation with combat pilots. “This relationship with the pilots we’re cooperating with them is very important to us, so that we can understand each other’s comparative advantage,” says Captain allica. “We realize that interfere less, and also use”.

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