Introducing life company of Golani

The reserve personnel of the company review the operational competence, navigation training and live the company’s destiny: moving casualties from the battlefield and intensive care in the field.

תאריך: 13/09/2012, 12:54    
מחבר: לימור מורד, דובר צה”ל

Stretchers scattered throughout the base, crates with medical equipment, simulated casualties and medical leave and passes everyone seat and handles. Another syringe, IV fluids, yet another test pulse and blood pressure. It seems this week, reservists of shashrot resuscitation front company of the Golani Brigade arrived to redraw operational now examine for cause and professionalism of the company.

It was the last practice of the company commander, major raised chassis and first practice
The incoming Commander, Maj. Marie. Remove the front company consists of three departments: the Department which has made the training week and live worldwide navigation and mission is the transfer of the injured foot, and ride between corporations and treatment points to “back” in the battlefield; The Emergency Department staff and intensive care department which are engaged in intensive care, stay on the ground, ground bounce, and more.

All classes are made up of specialists who come from a citizenship different hospitals, paramedics who comes from citizenship dimension, medics and infantry fighters.

Maj. Ajay explained that “the company is able to respond to each and every casualty and advanced life support capabilities such as stun rooms in hospitals. Composition, professionalism
And means the allow to give intensive care capability and the ability to stay on the case.
Of evacuation and rescue problem. Golani Brigade designation and operative tasks require us to be at a very high professional level.

The relationship between reserves in the company – and friend for many years. High motivation level, long-term friendships and create extraordinary dedication that makes the Union spirit of life company of Golani and the Homefront
Warrior Division medical “, described Maj. Ajay.

Translated from Hebrew