Introducing: maltert the only airports in the field.

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The only fighters are using innovative technologies to boost out of the sky all potential power-only to dozens of helicopters paratrooper. Recently took part in operation shbho “pillar”

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מחבר: ניצן קינר, אתר זרוע-היבשה

They participate in various exercises all military forces are used as emergency warfare and daily make every route to Central receiving air tools:
The seat unit (perform flying) bmerho (flying and special training). This is the new birth of the markers ‘, which changed following the arrival of the unit operates emergency operations.

The unit is responsible for all the cooperation with the living.
We are the primary liaison between Lee flew to the feet, “explains Capt. Kobi Limor, Commander of the unit. “We make different areas to enable the implementation of rims, tznachot and furnace,” adds Captain Ajay. “We need to open that arises in times of war, we’re the only ones who can produce it and make a landing craft from a single helicopter to
Dozens of helicopters at the same time.

Introducing: maltert the only airports in the field.

Photo: shbho unit

So how does it work exactly? “We have to establish some sort of a small airport in the area,” says Capt. Ajay. “We choose, organize it and make it as a tool that will land him. In addition, the unit troops travelling luggage rack setting equipment: they’re taking combat equipment such as ammunition, food and water and that the helicopter body standing over them, and he went from one point to another. The unit works closely with each unit in the Israel Defense Forces, said major Ajay. “Teams are combined with exercises of various forces. In addition to participated in wars and the bedding of the past few years, as the second Lebanon war, operation ‘ cast lead ‘ and ‘ pillar ‘.

The unit uses a unique tactical equipment, including stationary spotlights to highlight area for helicopters or planes landing at night, and from different distances. During the day other notations are used. “Field only. Each time, new needs are emerging in the field, and we are updating our equipment, “major specifications. “For example,
We are working on the development of a flashlight to power Commander. This is a single lantern, will be able to illuminate an area wide enough to land a plane. ” In addition the unit selected to test radios that haven’t entered commitment. “instead of small, intimate,” says Capt. Ajay. “Currently serving in several dozen individual soldiers,” and in addition there are also three reserve battalions. ” Once a year the Warriors discovered the different units to serve in the unit. The soldiers are fighting for everything,
Gunner training 05 or 06. According to the mini size of the unit, soldiers receive personal attention from commanders. “The fact that we are most of the time, we have the unique value we bonded, shared with major gamble. “It’s true we have a lot of work, but we enjoy it.”

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