Introducing new weapons of GoC army headquarters

From the deadly machine gun until the new system upgrade the tube: from the present improvements to weapons and new technologies, some of which reach an area already this year.

תאריך: 26/01/2012, 14:09    
מחבר: ליאור צרור, “במחנה”

Technological Division of GoC army headquarters summarize a year and look ahead:
The weapon arsenal of the fighters live information from several improvements in the coming years, some reaching the Israeli ב־2012 anymore. “The weapons that constitute a quantum leap in military capabilities of the various forces,” said arms in רמ”ד Technology Division GoC army headquarters, Maj. Gil illouz.


40 mm grenade machine gun (“Thunder”) is the creator of “ג’י־די”.
This is a fire system light weight compared to similar designation systems, net pounds
Vintage himself, compared to 38 pounds per אם־קיי־19 system used in the IDF for the lightest weight, to operate the system required three vertebrae, as opposed to the need that exists today of four soldiers to take. The system fires grenades to ranges of up to 2 kilometers and is aimed at averting the living forces, according to Maj. illouz, systems will be used in the living units in 2012.

אם־24 upgraded

American sniper weapon, אם־24 enhanced version that is used in the IDF.
This is an upgrade to the existing weapons, and Israel Defense Forces hope to upgrade all of the regular and reserve if in the next five years, at a cost of roughly $ 2,000 per unit.  ”
The upgraded appearance generated thanks to the aluminium body and design improvement, the enhanced version has adjustable and foldable butt that improves ease of use for the Warrior, “explained Maj. illouz.

The band is not the only improvement: new weapon can feed a cartridge, like if, instead of laces that exists in the current version, which allows manual insertion of five bullets only into the body. The magazine contains 10 7.62 ammunition, similar to the bullets used in sniper rifle. In addition, if you come with a built-in dimmer upgraded, by the sniper to astvat without worrying about noise generated.
The dimmer will Flash either, that could expose the Warrior. At the moment, examining in land arm upgrade options.


קיו־סי־בי system (QCB Quick Change Barrel) from the creator of “יו־אס” is an ordnance upgrade to Mac (אם־2 machine). The new scale allows simple Assembly without requiring implementation coordination by the warriors. In the fifties exist today in every Assembly of the barrel is necessary to replace it and make a new appointment. “Many times the soldiers not punctual in the Assembly of machine gun too cumbersome,” explained Maj. illouz. “Consequently explode 20 heavy machine guns every year.

The scheme allows simple mounting of uniformly machine gun without the need for special cooperation. In another precedent, is saved from having to perform coordination of the barrel all 100 shots so the fighter can shoot hundreds and thousands of bullets without fear. “Machine gun with the upgraded scale will allow
Effective use for the fighters in the field, and will help to exploit the potential of the Mac.
As a tool for engaging the powers, added Mr.

10. which systems, support and scale locking pieces will be used already in days.
In the Navy. Between June and July to get 200 some systems are embedded in Mac on Navy vessels, and some of them are embedded in a lethal anti-aircraft regiments on the Golani Brigade.

Ghost system

Ghost system (MPRS) from תע”ש to upgrade the tube of the Warriors alive and allow them to perform accurate and deadly fire of 40 mm ammunition in an open area and built-up area.
The standard tube of a living will with intent and fire control system, as well as advanced grenade that guy at the touch of a button with the resulting effect. The system
Is currently under examination in GoC army headquarters, and in the coming months will be selected first for infantry regiment operational experiment.

The line, combining laser rangefinder (9), to compensate for any errors that exist when that weapon shooting, as reflected in a tendency of the grenade right after the shooting. The combination meter
Laser range new ammunition will result more effective mechanism within the grenade
Be compatible with the data received by Mehmet, as can the Scheduler automatically. A soldier who wants to shoot a grenade and blow it over the wall or fence,
To do this easily.

“We took fire control system in tanks and zarano it to match the dimensions of the tube, explained in PL this dual system”-the soldier could use as the projection of standard ammunition, and once it receives an order of 40 mm, it forwards the push-button system and the rest of the work is done automatically. The distinction is that the soldier can select the necessary effect, like shooting through a window or blasting over a particular goal. If you need a large number of grenades that each perform a particular operation, the system is one that will give the effect.

Translated from Hebrew