Introducing the D9: sophisticated engineering, who saves the lives of warriors

The D9 features sophisticated operating systems including “Winnie the Pooh”, which allows remote control tool for opening of labor forces. This is the units exposed to threats of anti-tank missiles, mines and explosives

תאריך: 27/06/2012, 13:54    
מחבר: סמדר קרמפף, זרוע היבשה

The D9 is the Service Corps of the IDF, was considered the central units of force, being rescued in life and business. It is equipped with State-of-the-art control system design is easily controlled from the operator using joysticks and touch screens, what looks like innocence eyes playing Sony PlayStation to adults.

But when the goal is to remove the danger range fighter, the game becomes a matter of life and death. The D9 is the most vulnerable units, which are exposed to a large number of anti-tank threats, mines and IEDs. Not only in war, but also look, “explains חה”ן רמ”ד, major weaponry Department amotz zagdon. “Each opening is carried out with a bulldozer or two, are constantly exposed to danger.”

The operating system and user interface, whether carried on or within the רק”ם Warrior, display images from multiple cameras located on the bulldozer. These are delivered in real time and allows the operator a wide Visual field, similar to the driving on the tool itself. This allows a safe environment and maneuver.

“Winnie the Pooh” is intended to replace the “Dawn” was developed a few years ago on the tool. It is a complex system on bulldozer D9T type, one of a kind
In Israel, with computerized control that allows conversion of the bulldozer to remote-controlled mechanical changes. The robot was developed in partnership with the FA (Office Administration develop security
Weapons and technology infrastructure) and needle (dry Technology Division) according to high operational standards and technologies that are suitable to the battlefield.

With all its advantages, not forgetting the dangers. “If that’s losing control, the situation is very dangerous,” notes major zagdon. “Therefore any system passes a series of tests.
Strict, and only after that is appropriate and meets the safety standard, continues the development process “.

Translated from Hebrew