Iron men

צילום: עומר סלע, דו”ץ.

A couple of new friends, France, pilot that ever comes מ”חץ and the feeling of great satisfaction for the first interception over which may Gush Dan. A glimpse inside the iron dome batteries in “pillar”

תאריך: 12/03/2012, 10:36    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

Hundreds of “war tourists” visited “pillar” iron dome “battery posted on the new Dan region. “Thierry” war on families, children, neighbors who live nearby and many other curious change coverage rules
Media-anyone can get on the private car and not the missile life through the camera lens. Many media crews and tourists are waiting anxiously next to each other until the iron dome rocket intercept. But the situation seems somewhat intrusive into the IDF’s activities also brings invaluable moral profit-earning are countless visitors to the iron dome battery are the soldiers, who receive a booty, hot meals, snacks, sweets and fruits all
Hours of enthusiastic citizens trying to participate, even the smallest, the morale of the interceptors.

Iron men

In “iron dome” battery “of Gush Dan

The seventh day. Caravans of cars keep coming to the site of the iron dome battery. Many curious spectacle, alternating as needed in curious. But among all those curious citizens, are trying to give support to the military effort. “I live right here, see you all the time from my house,” tells one of the neighbors living near the iron dome battery and wonder, “you got showers? You are welcome to shower and freshen up with me whenever you want.

Others, most do not live within walking distance, with cars, fruit-filled boxes and say, without much talk. “People keep coming and to distribute food and drinking water. Some people who come every day, we already know.
Asking if we are hungry. One thing for sure is that we’re not hungry, “telling a corporal Lully slayy warrior in the new battery. Slayy, 21, revealed eight years ago from France and decided she would be a fighter. “I wanted to be a fighter, and when I heard about the” iron dome “I knew I wanted to be here,” declares slayy. Before I posted the new hot battery slayy bnthivot iron Dome, but as Dan also lacked action. “There’s a lot of action, almost every day. It feels really good, especially residents who show a lot of love. They bring treats nonstop, worried all the time, “she says.

Iron men

CPL. Lully slayy

After 10 minutes, stopping vehicles from another car. The constant vigilance of every vehicle is approaching to opened the website
Lifts quickly for the soldiers when they see cases emerge. Another woman brought food to the soldiers. “It took me three hours to get here. Although it was supposed to be breakfast, but I’m sure it would be just as delicious now, apologize to the lady that.

Top gun

Days of operation moved to the iron dome warriors in the Dan region alone, almost devoid of attacking. But at the start of the operation had to deal with her past Dan needed each day. The soldiers, gathered from many different batteries in order to assemble the fighter force, arrived Thursday night, the beginning of operation, the site guy For staff sergeant Eden willner, it was a surprise to join forces with his girlfriend, also a fighter in the iron Dome, corporal dawn herring. “The battery formed now and thus brought fighters from various batteries to assemble it and made us Dan battery. This is actually cool because my friend here, “said Sgt. territory willner.

Iron men

Sgt. willner and herring

So far, the iron dome of Tacoma successfully intercepted four volleys of rockets that were on their way to the Center. With the warriors and warriors attending array when needed, sound experience. “The interception, when you know you’re the one who pulls the switch to prevent falling you fills with adrenaline”, says one of the warriors who sat in the room of the interception system. One of the key roles in activating the battery is the same technician role plays eliran Keenan, reserve technician. “Here, as soon as the alarm remains only hope that shot, and when he hits the feeling just great, we were able to protect the villagers,” he says with satisfaction. Like many reservists who okapzzo to various fronts last week, also on the iron dome’s reserves did not rush. Keenan, 23,
Is iron dome technician posted Dan battery time. Any malfunction or problem is his responsibility, and safety of the residents of the surrounding area is placed on his shoulders. Keenan in most regular services
In “sword and shield” of the arrow missile, the iron dome system. “As a pilot wanted to come and protect everyone. It’s a sense of mission to protect
Residents in Gush Dan, “says Keenan.

Iron dome warriors happy and satisfied from their activities, and promise to continue the important work if necessary. The great support of the civilians certainly nurtures each pride fighter and helps to stay vigilant even on days without sleep. There is a feeling of success, there’s nothing like that feeling, “says cpl. herring, on her way to the shower first.” when we finally say “iron dome”,
People know what we’re talking about and who we’re protecting. “


Translated from Hebrew