Replaces ceremony SJ district police command: Major General Moshe Bareket Office and replaced his predecessor, Commander Shlomi ichalahalft, the SJ district police command: today (Monday) that the Exchange ceremony at the SJ district police chief Moshe Bareket Office and replaced his predecessor, Commander Shlomi Michael.
The ceremony was attended by the Minister of public security, police chief Ronnie Khan, relations between senior staff of Israel Police, mayors and municipalities, IDF representatives, and commanders of the province in the past.

The incoming Commander Moshe Bareket said at the ceremony:
“The day I get over the SJ district in deep gratitude for the trust given to me. In this role must act to strengthen the personal security in such a complex security situation that requires us to act as police in sensitivity and wisdom.

The outgoing Commander, Commander Shlomi Michael said in his remarks at the ceremony:
“I had the privilege to command commanders in SJ, they whose expertise, investment and excellent results over time, to much work and excellence”.

The police chief said at the ceremony: “the Commander Shlomi Michael Porsche, this is an opportunity to honor public thanks for all 30 years of service for Israel in any job security.
Leading with the ethical, professional and provincial operational each scenario. Emerald is a role than he has SJ and is challenging. I trust you and your people and I have no doubt that hizuk of the province led to impressive achievements. I believe that bchhonthch the province gets new achievements. “

Translated from Hebrew