Is there a doctor in the air, Ocean, road-

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The three medical officers, air force, Navy and special סטי”לים only on foot, operational challenges and technological breakthroughs. That changed the face of medical corps

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מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

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Medical Corps veteran army itself. At first he only qualified medics and orderlies, but soon began to include the training of medical officers, he became an integral part of the IDF combat units since many years have passed and the army before significant changes as appropriate medicine put itself with many changes and further, that at the end of the importance of the location of the medical officers of IDF units. IDF website called
The Commander of the medical unit in the air force, the doctor and the doctor Duvdevan unit Ste flotilla to hear about technological advances, changes and differences between medicine three troops.

The Jewish mother’s dream: a pilot, a doctor

Commander air medical unit (ירפ”א), Lt. Col. Dr. Yuval began his military service as a pilot and left jail began in medical school. When he finished school he decided to return to the army and zshlev both loves his big – and medicine. “To a certain extent disciplines complement each other. The goal is to protect the State of Israel and to overcome the enemy, in both cases you are in some way for Venezuelans, “said Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Yuval. “As a pilot, there were a few incidents in which medicine was good, such as reference we have disable alert because of a medical condition that could give you the answer. It’s always uncomfortable when there’s a doctor “.

However, Lt. Col. Dr. Yuval that medical training also changes your attitude as a pilot. “In Lebanon, for example, there have been several incidents in which the mission was mainly psychological,” he recalled. “Just to be there and talk about ground forces that look like we are. As someone well-versed in the human psyche because of the many years of treatment, we use this task otherwise, in a way that gives the troops on the ground than peace of mind.

Is there a doctor in the air, Ocean, road-

In addition, most air force doctor is missing with a pilots, unlike other forces. “When it comes to pilots, their biggest concern is being grounded, so they tend not to volunteer information about medical problems,” explains Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Yuval. “It requires in terms of doctor a lot of attention to details, have to be very sharp and attentive to figure out when the issues are serious. As a result, launched recently in air force medicine performs outreach pilots designed to increase ptiachotam, and co-pilot must undergo medical examinations.

In the past, was considered “perfect” medically. Even this has changed today, with the development of technology and experience in flights. “A lot of times we make great efforts to train people with disabilities.
With a lot of poise, adopted and consulting with medical officials from around the world, we struggle to keep any pilot, “explains Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Yuval. “There were also changes in the medical screening process for candidates out of studies.”

For example, a candidate who was diagnosed at his little heart defect
Was disqualified, while today, allowing him to fly in some cases. In addition, as Lt. Col. Dr. Yuval, one was difficult dilemmas refractive treatment. “On the one hand it makes a very good eyesight, but until a few years ago there was no research on the subject. Today
You can tell you can confirm these analyses, and eventually opened the domain and let be obtained after surgery in certain limits, “he elaborated.

The Ste: diseases and operational challenges hundreds of miles offshore.

Also sets the “wielded by illness in recent years in the emergency medical procedure. “We’re trying to go for the soldiers in terms of training, a doctor in the Navy, Lieutenant סטי”לים. “In the past, a soldier who had asthma was not obtained.
Lately we gmshno alteration and conditions for people the disease off.
We make more power.

When it sets, you can stay operational for many miles offshore, the importance of a physician aboard can indeed save lives, but the main importance is in the form of minor injuries and treatment, the btipolan routine.
Avoid repetition of the sets.

Is there a doctor in the air, Ocean, road-

“Always export offers physician. The idea is that the doctor will do what aprmedik can’t, “he says. “We don’t want to get
Eliminating the State party when far from shore because the soldier has something that you can handle.
Using drugs to keep him there. As a physician, you are responsible for advising in case there was wounded in one of the ships, you’re the one who decides whether to bring the boat to shore or not. “

According to Lt. Eran, the dilemma of whether to ship back
Centrally. “Not by any ship there is a doctor, and sometimes you’ve got ill with pains in the boat next to you and you’re not there to see it. This is not a dilemma-whether a sale should return to the beach, except Lieutenant. “The theme of marine environment is
Doctors in specific, you can get to treat the wounded, hundreds of miles from shore and are just in your hands. “

Is there a doctor in the air, Ocean, road-

Capt. Eran. Photo: IDF spokesman Gadi yampel

“We have no responsibilities. You can reach the wounded State hundreds of miles offshore are just in your hands. You are the one who decides whether to return the ship and cancel operation

In addition, interest in the doctor’s life is
Seasickness. “We have doctors that their special job to do tests on soldiers using naval Medicine Research Institute”, explains Lieutenant. “If there is no special problem as
Balance problems, you can treat the seasickness medicine medical corps special import especially to Israel and patches against seasickness.

Identifying physical adversity and souls at sea: new technologies are changing military medicine

When it comes to the army, the medical challenges are different. “The physical component is modified by land, infantry fighters need to maintain physical fitness”, AVN, unit.
Captain a. He said the presence of a force is significant because it gives a sense of security for soldiers and commanders. “It’s a big responsibility, but for this studied,” he says. “My place is with the warriors as one of them.”

In addition, Army task force has contact with the civilian population, which is less happening in air and sea forces. “I got to handle primarily civil space,” says Captain Dr.
“For me, no matter who is injured or has certificate in your pocket, wounded wounded.”

Is there a doctor in the air, Ocean, road-

Captain a. Photo: IDF spokesman Gadi yampel

The three troops registered in recent years have started many technological developments in the field of medicine. Recently opened Center for dentistry,
Perform extensive testing for fighters in order to evaluate the physical abilities and adapt them to needs, and thus should avoid injuries.

In recent years, is researching a role will be to identify the moment at which the pilot close to the limit of his physical, and thus can prevent many accidents. “A lot of accidents are caused by the difficulty of dealing with the aerospace environment and human failures,” explains Lt. Col. Yuval.
“The aviation world has many problems that the human body is difficult to meet, as environmental conditions or lack of oxygen. The physiological sensor is able to measure precisely the human physiology. Operationally this means uploading the flight safety level, thereby allowing pilots to get closer to their end but also allow much higher flight safety. “

Is there a doctor in the air, Ocean, road-

The Navy also will not lag behind and put to use
The ה”סקסס system”. “Because we are far away from the shore, we need to know how to deal with a situation where it is impossible to evacuate the injured at the moment, so the scheme is designed to keep injured in serious condition over time,” explains Lieutenant. The kit includes medication, anesthesia, resuscitation, and more. But in prepared for Spector and threats pose dental care Kit too, so if one of the warriors need a tooth or perform emergency blockage there also.

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