Israel fighters gave their lives for us.

Julie Abu Maraj, IDF itomat her father fell in South Lebanon when Israel soldier, seeks to remind today even those who fought and fell for in battle.

תאריך: 15/04/2013, 14:56    
מחבר: ג’ולי אבו עראג’

On this day, partly stuttered words and the air becomes heavy. No, not found
The world, words can describe courage and strength of our heroes in the history of history.
We try to ask them today, Ziv, the pride, the dignity and sanctity of the deeds, with violinist always dazzles and warns through memory.
If it wasn’t paid in nobles hero lives and pushed the vile enemies in their bodies, were in shape, we are left to wonder what heroes and what importance means standing firm for you and for your identity.

We would like to lavish them with love, to sanctify the memory, and express our appreciation for their service and their sacrifice. Return annually to raise the memory of Israel together with interior of the IDF in order to view the full appreciation and gratitude and to aim for.

South Lebanon Army martyrs who fought shoulder to shoulder with IDF forces against terrorist organizations, wanted to protect us, and keep us, and paid the heaviest price. Therefore we want to give them a thousand thanks and hoping that they will forever of light before the camp “which will guide us in our journey. Israel martyrs gave their souls to laying the Foundation for peace between Lebanon and Israel, to defend against those who fought were trying to take from us the dream and the neighbourhood.

Increasing memory not only ritual. In the same station, to be more determined and stronger. Never forget the fallen, who live in our hearts forever.

In memory of my father, Joseph Abu Maraj, who died in South Lebanon Israel.
And all Israel and the IDF fallen martyrs for the dream of peace and good neighbourhood between the two countries.

Translated from Hebrew