Israel sets heroes join travel to Poland

צילום: יח”צ

The integration of military decorations “witnesses in uniform” delegations to strengthen the heroic element in handing down a Holocaust Memorial. “I see your participation on a message-of-the-art values to commanders and soldiers,” said the participants move, head אכ”א originator, major General AVI Zamir

תאריך: 03/03/2011, 15:24    
מחבר: אמנון דירקטור

As part of a new initiative of אכ”א, Gen. avi Zamir, Israel to join heroes systems to the extermination camps, expeditions in Poland. The move is intended to reinforce the message of the campaign entries “witnesses in uniform. This week (Tuesday) met at military decorations 15 College husband with Gen. Zamir, show them the campaign objectives and went.

Education and Youth Corps, according to the manpower Directorate (אכ”א), responsible for the project
“Witnesses in uniform, and youth and education officer, Brig. Gen. Ali shermister, also
To talk with Israel systems heroes. He told them a little about the history of the Holocaust in the Israeli education system. “In the first years of the State was dealing with expertise in Holocaust Memorial relatively limited,” he said. “However, in the 1990s began to engage it deeply and spent it more and longer”.

Brig. Gen. shermister said that “witnesses in uniform” campaign has a huge influence on the participants, adding that attaching of decorations to IDF delegations “expresses the desire to strengthen the strategic element in memory of the Holocaust and heroism”.

The Vega connection between Israel systems and heroes of the army delegation to Poland
Is General אכ”א Zamir, who excitedly and joyfully greet the great heroes and explained the importance of gathering for the trip:” I see your participation on a message
The values of the first IDF commanders and soldiers in the quest strengthens the roots commanders and their recognition of the importance of military service and requiring a strong army and in righteousness through him. ” Top thanked them for their אכ”א were and told them that they can go on wearing IDF uniforms and their campaign signs.

Also note that אכ”א head towards Holocaust Rememberance day, when Israeli army of 16,000 Holocaust survivors throughout the country as part of the” flower “exploitation.

The delegation witnessed the uniforms came in 2001, at the initiative of the then אכ”א, major General (Res.) Eliezer Stern, and constitutes a major component in handing down the Israeli Holocaust Memorial and is used to expand infrastructure command and ethical identity. Delegations consist of officers, servants, apprentice courses, reservists and bereaved families, each of amshlhot join a Holocaust survivor. Today, it is a mandatory participation for apprentice company commanders course.

Saul, who received the Medal of Valor (the highest decoration awarded in the IDF) to six-day war are carried out, will participate in the campaign witnesses in uniform “.

He served as a tank commander in battalion fighting armor-a-DIB. During the fighting he was seriously injured and lost his fitness, but not abandoned the vehicle to evacuate. While partially regained fitness and he joined the onslaught. In the final stages of the battle, his tank was damaged again, light up, and the crew was hurt. Despite being wounded himself, pulled
The team and transferred to the shelter. For this act he was awarded the Medal of Valor by the IDF.

“Just great,” he replied when asked about the Mayor’s new אכ”א initiative.” I haven’t seen such things-“witnesses in uniform” of powerful and professional from the IDF.
For me the journey started from the moment they told me about it. ” Verdi refused since the six day war to wear the Medal of Valor on his shoulders, that he thinks he is the only hero, but now he may exceed the ordinary. “Now, with aging, I think there’s room to do battle. I represent a battalion that fought for this country and I want to see the boys.
And the sons of Israel going that way “, shared.

Translated from Hebrew