Israel’s Forrest Gump.

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It seems that the image of Sarah Braverman (suriak) 92-year-old is interlaced thread all the key points of the fighters in the village. However, she always saw herself as a fighter for women’s rights. “When I see the options women today have the IDF I amazed,” she says.

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In a small apartment on a kibbutz Shamir batseva Hagalil lives her Sarah Braverman (suriak) Her little woman 92, with white hair and bright eyes,
Part in most cases only read about in history books.

Suriak was born in 1918 in otosni, Romania, fifth child and family.
“At the age of 9 I went to Hashomer Hatzair movement,” she says. Already in Hashomer Hatzair was headed after Israel. “The whole family, and we as cadets in the youth movement, were active in the Zionist movement. Collected money for the Jewish National Fund in the belief that we are helping to build the country, “she says. In 1938 she was chosen to go abroad on behalf of a designated for student work, while other members have raised unexpectedly to Gaul.

She arrived at the agricultural school near Ness Ziona springs. The household work which learned she describes rpthnot as a designer. There she met the ADA Fishman, who founded and ran the farm, and later became the first hospitality company to a major activist for women’s rights in Israel. After a short time in the delegates came to raise the girls Defense Organization. “It was an unforgettable experience,” recalls Sara. “To get a weapon.
The hand was like a religious person accept the Torah, it was something sacred. “

In 1940 moved to magdiel, where there was a temporary camp. “We had eight barracks, dining room and two donkeys,” she recovers. “It was a crazy poverty could work in agriculture that still preferred to employ Arab workers were more experienced farmers.
During this period she took part in the theft of weapons in her frame, until she heard about the founding of the Palmach team volunteered four boys and one girl–I “, she says. “I wasn’t going my way, but all my life I’ve always wanted to do more than necessary. The army is fantastic and is a great part of my life. “

The Palmach came suriak way to different courses: course weapons, introductory classes and controls
Commanders course. “We are humble people,” she says of that time.
“I didn’t think I’d get awards and decorations or lighting a beacon in the 62nd independence day. We went
And that had to be done. The way men and never did. ” She
Says ש”היום when I go to my blades buildings I understand how the country has grown and evolved despite all the trouble. I remember were from Egypt, and the British driver asked
Where Palestine and it took us a long time before I could vote for him on the edge of the settlement. When I see the country today my heart expands. We live in paradise, Paradise we’ve built with our own hands. “

Suriak think the army in the Palmach, mean, was another. “It was an army of simplicity and unusual,” she says with a smile. “I remember specifically the character of Yitzhak Sadeh was always walking around with books of poetry under his arm, entered the tent and sat in on one meeting East and talk to us like a friend. The identified ourselves with the character, with simplicity.

On the European front.

A few years later joined suriak 37 “” settlement, Mitchell fought shoulder to shoulder with the British against the Germans in Europe. “When I was in the world, approached me a little guy named Chen and asked if I was willing to go to Europa. Suriak schema immediately. She stresses that no settlement could help European Jewry in the form
Significant. “Whoever says that the power of the Jewish community was to help European Jews. There were no means for that. Without cooperation with the British, this wouldn’t have happened, “she says. To her dismay, suriak’s btzniacha fear paralyzed her and she wasn’t able to drop. Instead, she landed in Yugoslavia.

The Group tznachnity took a big risk, especially when Greece that unlike men who had crossed the lines
Enemy fighters were themselves, women were considered to be at the death. “I spent the first night in a warehouse with partisans. Helping prisoners English camps in Romania and everyone looked to us Jews. Lived with partisans in the forests, according to messages
Living and tried to create. Brought them food and money. Compared to the Palmach members partisans appear to be millionaires.

Female power

After the establishment of Israel, the first Chief of staff Ya’akov Dori suriak established the women’s Army Corps Chief of staff “put me and rose grshonovitz ‘ who was an officer in the British army into his Office and told us that we should establish the women.
I asked him how to do it in Yiddish, and he said he didn’t know, take two days and come back to it, “she says, amused. Finally they were able to organize a list of 33 girls who knew from different courses and the British army and returned to, a parent must provide their weapons and equipment. And the rest is history.

The service finished singing at major. “My granddaughter is major and I’m all finished
The course wearing her stairs on my shoulders and my hands trembled. Today we manage who will battle Lieutenant Colonel but I probably won’t be “, she laughs about the IDF today she looked almost shocked. “When I see the options women have today I amazed,” she says. “I believe in the necessity and the ability of women to contribute and the TNI will be more sophisticated, much more important and interesting places and progress of women is easier.”

At the age of 92, can suriak to look back with a smile. “I feel satisfied, I respect and I do reserve days twice a month due to initiative of my granddaughter, which led me to talk with officers before getting the degree of destruction that excites me and them.
Every time, these stories remind each family and it is not something that all 92 WINS.

She says that working with women has always been an integral part of her life. “Defense, the army
To party-women have always been an integral part of my activities. I believe greater ability, dedication and responsibility. There are special things and sometimes women still fear getting transgression repeated certain positions, but there will be progress. As
Important thing is to love and to see the positive in your life. Although all youth of the country are experiencing wars and loss we experience also lots of beauty, grace and love, for the love “.

Translated from Hebrew