It teaches women to integrate armies of the IDF to prevent sexual harassment

לוחמות איסוף קרבי. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

More and more foreigners evacuated to Israeli officials for its successes in the field. The Manama Conference NATO Squadron “are interest and esteem.”

תאריך: 16/07/2013, 12:34    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

The IDF is considered one of the world’s armies in the service of women and sexual harassment in the military, and this fact gets changes effect also in the international arena.

Representatives of foreign armies from all over the world, mainly exhibits major degrees Lieutenant, during the past few years down women’s Affairs Advisor (יוהל”ן) to crack
The secret and understand how to empower women and to combat the phenomenon of sexual harassment.

Two months ago, Brig. Gen. יוהל”ן took Rachel TEVET-Wiesel at the NATO Alliance annual meeting, which dealt with violence and sexual abuse by gender. The Conference served as a meeting place.
Many representatives of foreign, especially European armies, and many were interested in women’s roles
In the Israeli army, the officer corps and enabling them to integrate gender perspectives.
“There was interest and esteem, as well as a desire to learn about how you implemented the vision
Gender in the military, the only one in which a duty of service to women, “wrote יוהל”ן in a document that summed up the event.

As part of the יוהל”ן given introduced whereby women constitute one-third of servants in duty, which triggered questions about the reality of the service women from participating in the Conference. At the same time, prominent presence at many men engaged in issues of gender and sexual violence in the various armies. “This must be attributed great importance due to the potential
Progress inherent in that men are involved in these issues, “stated Brig. Gen. TEVET-Wiesel.

The findings at a Conference: sexual violence prevention improves stability in sector

Down יוהל”ן produced many insights from the Conference held at Brussels International.
One of the amrkazity was that NATO armies find connection between the sexual violence prevention to safety and stability in the sector in which they operate. Commanders indicated that the
Prevent such violence is part and parcel of their job.

In addition, there was a widespread understanding that would incorporate women in significant volume on command as a moderating factor and affects, and intelligence systems. That they have an advantage especially in the field of human intelligence — because of their ability to collect more information.

It teaches women to integrate armies of the IDF to prevent sexual harassment

The roles correspond to the role of יוהל”ן exist in slightly different form in other armies, such as Germany or Ireland where existing army counselor or a representative set.
In other armies appointed senior woman as woman obeying carries the burden of either gender — in Italy and Netherlands armies.

In these circumstances, IDF representatives, which is in a different format and more robust and handles the military where the percentage of women serving is high, special interest. Another unique element to stimulate interest is what is (coping and support centre), the main purpose is providing assistance after violence and sexual assault.

Foreign armies data: increasing integration of women on the battlefield.

During the annual meeting of יוהל”ן held talks with NATO representatives differ from foreign armies, but the Central dialogue is held with a number of Arab countries.

According to information provided courtesy of the gender focal point ™ Squadron, as of 2004, women constitute 15.4% of serving in the u.s. military, according to a NATO report that year. This is a significant increase since the early 1990s. Air force constitute one-fifth of all women in the regular forces, and is also the largest number of officers. In the prestigious Marine Corps are women, 6 percent of the regular forces. In the army.
The female workforce stands at 15% and 17% in u.s. reserves. Today, posting policy
In the United States prevents women from participating in infantry roles, armor, and artillery in each role is a small unit size. In addition, the Navy irotan in maritime roles because it functions that require lengthy on tools, some arrangements to safeguard privacy. As of 2011, women constitute 14.6 percent of the regular forces of the u.s. military, all extensions and join the coast guard. Participation rate remains highest in the air force (19.1%). However, one of the five reserve servers.

The same report issued by NATO in 2004 indicates that women represent 8.8 percent of all British military forces, while the shtalbotan trend continues. In Norway, however, the army is considered one of the world’s militaries shooioneim know all about learning
That possible combination to women, even if the actual representation. Over the years the Norwegian army proud by Commission headquarters, from tanks and fighter pilot.
According to NATO, women report a 6.3% of all forces, and the army has a strategic plan for the development of equal opportunities and to expand women’s representation.

Ireland’s small army continues to try and incorporate more women in its ranks. In 2012 a 6.4% of women serving in the military. The naval service are women, 4.4%, and air forces, the percentage of women stands at 2.4%. Sweden increased army and open all the roles women service. As of 2011, women constitute about 3.2 percent of the officer corps, but only 6% of the total regular forces. On the issue of sexual harassment – in an educational campaign and commissions of inquiry established to examine the issue – failed in 2005 to reduce the dimensions of the phenomenon – 43% first testified that amtgiissot sexually molested, and a decrease to 36%.

It teaches women to integrate armies of the IDF to prevent sexual harassment

Caracal in fighters. Photo: IDF

Australia 83% military subjects are open to women, and 93% of employment categories are open. The earning ability of soldiering and military officers in Australia is equal to the men’s and women’s percentage in Australian army stands at 13.4. From 2000 until 2005 raises Australian Navy the women serving him significantly, and it conducts each a unique program to the troops in army recruiting women and encouraged to improve conditions of irotan. In 2007 were 54 different programs to encourage the recruitment of women. As of October, a slight increase in the number of women in the military (13.8% of serving), and revealed that one in ten jobs is stationed. 6.8% of the higher ranks (Colonel level or higher) are women.

These data shed light on women’s service mode
The IDF considered advanced compared to most armies around the world. “Volunteer armies often see women as less desirable and more inferior than men. There also makes service areas and remote weapons that don’t exist here, “stated Squadron headquarters.” our experience bigger because the compulsory service for women, which is why we strive
To expand equal opportunities in recruitment and placement, and to enhance the service of women in diverse roles, agreed.

Translated from Hebrew