It will show the Memorial Hall to victims of the IDF

היכל ההנצחה הלאומי, הדמיה

Memorial Hall on Mount herzel unite for the first time the names of the fallen in Israel, building systems is a good height of 18 meters. Instead the names mentioned daily fall on the same date

תאריך: 22/04/2012, 09:40    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

The Government is expected to confirm today (Sunday) the proposal to establish a Memorial Hall that initiated the Memorial wing and Defense Ministry. Memorial Hall set up in the military cemetery on Mount Herzl in one place to commemorate Yom hazikaron Israel rule at a cost of 40 million dollars.

Memorial Hall on Mount herzel unite inside for the first time in the history of the State of Israel, the names of all the fallen Israel systems in one place. The general approach of Memorial Hall is an impressive spaces, and the penetration of natural light. The inner height will be 18 meters, and will use the technology of introducing natural light through wells
Light. These wear internal space and isolation from the outside world and communion with the memory.

It will show the Memorial Hall to victims of the IDF

The main building of the Hall of memory – the central gathering space — built in a conical shape and can accommodate 400 people during ceremonies. Instead mentioned the names every day falling on the same day.

Personal Memorial brick best illustrates the importance of each State of Israel security spoiler – together they are building the entire wall as Israel state exists thanks to each and every one of them. In this way will be awarded to each of the bereaved families, the place preserves the memory of the fallen. The bricks themselves comprise a full range of technologies developed at the Institute.
Of technology in Zurich. The wall will be built using a robot whose function is to ensure the consistency between the bricks and accuracy of real order.

Behind the construction of the Hall stands the Memorial wing and families, headed by Deputy Director General and head of the Division
Leo Allen, running for many years to plan and design a central Memorial to fallen soldiers that Israel, as a complement to the hundreds of monuments that are in different places in the country and in order to allow the memorialization at one place of Israel fallen soldiers.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said that “the construction of Memorial Hall that initiated by the Ministry of Defense will allow Israel alone with people of every fall throughout the year. Construction of the Memorial Hall will create unity with regard to the commemoration of the fallen, not all immortalized in memorials
Throughout the country. Memorial Hall meets also leads many of the bereaved parents, mainly adults, who are afraid that when go to the world, they will not be those who daily fall Memorial “.

Translated from Hebrew