“It’s me. How did you shoot him? “

סמ”ר אלי אישה ז”ל

20 years ago killed Sgt. Eli, Warrior woman, friendly fire. Maj. MICAH Ohana, who served as a soldier at his side, telling about the event and allows
The first glimpse into the personal letter to remember song

תאריך: 25/04/2012, 14:43    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

It was a beautiful sunny day, was
We went ל”ברטעה” playing enemy.
It was supposed to be so simple.
Until suddenly occurred.

He died at the hands of a friend, but it’s not,
In he shoots it on to a friend.
Immediately after the shooting, they wanted to simulate
And at this point not yet discovered the wrong size

—-Summer 20 years fall of Sgt. Eli Aisha, the first space
“Cherry blossoms”, killed by troops in an incident that shattered the intake of the unit.
Finest Maj. MICAH Ohana, currently head of operational documentation in the IDF, was wearing the power Warrior. In an exclusive conversation with the IDF, he recalls, not exposed to this day, the event and share strong feelings he drowned him and his unit.

“It was supposed to be a routine operation,” several major Ohana. “We had notification entice the bgsert mosque in Barta’a, and we had to stop him. Hundreds of such actions passed during the service. While four undercover flanking the Mosque complex composition of MICAH, by condensing, moving between houses in the village who threw a longer with the Sun sinking.

“The fighters were divided into two teams, an officer and a soldier, one team came from the East and the other West. Every corner he had had to close, “recalls Maj. Ohana.
“Teams that ask the fighter comes faster. The Commander of the unit between the delay and decided to change the location of the two fighters are at the scene, so that each gets two corners. The problem is that it doesn’t update the partner what inbred moron. Upwhile detects approaching a position he understands they’re shutting down the complex and can start the activity, so he pulls out a weapon “clothes.

The soldiers, who were not aware of the change in position, figure out the lines, revealing a weapon. For them, is all too bad. Like me they grab my gun the FN
But also, they pull the trigger, tearing the Samaria fire in his direction.
The figure falls, and the soldiers are quick to run. As they approach, involuntary movement last officer because suspicious. He interprets the move as an attempt by the terrorist to give
Last bundle to him. Also a range of individual meters is not the same as that of a unit. He releases another shot, make the goal, like ntrola.

“It’s me. How did you shoot him? “

Photo: Maj. MICAH Ohana

“When I get out of the car I hear a single shot”, says Maj. Ohana. “I didn’t hear the shots before. The officer yells at me to quickly scrap area, next to the mosque, there was injured. I ran quickly and ask your team leader, our troops or their powers? “

‘ Powers ‘, he replied, and I go straight. When I see me screaming soldiers stretched to cover immediately, asking which shouts Greece shot. Then the officer replies, “what is where shot, I shot him,” major Ohana in flux. “I said, ‘ how did you shoot him? This is me. ‘ “

After 20 years.

At the same time holding the hysteria. “People from Greece starting
To cry. The Commander’s team almost collapsed. But Maj. Ohana cannot succumb to shock and the absurd, he must continue to perform his duties. He shouts in the background
Tearing over the patient and begins to perform CPR operations. “I understood from the first situation is very bad,” he says. “I try my actions concurrently to intensive Cruiser launched but the car cannot enter the village, locals try to disrupt any access”.

Soon the doctor only comes into place. The two start in the field. “After half an hour the doctor says there is no point. He announces the death of me. The market is enormous. I’m about as having his blood and we start waiting hours in the village for the investigations. “
Following those investigations, it was decided to oust the Chief Executive, and only introduced a rigorous identification arrangements before operational activity; But the biggest lesson he learned רמ”ד was operational documentation. “The most important message I took from this incident was as forbidden.
To be trigger-happy. Since what happened if I didn’t have nothing definitive. Just 100 percent. “

That evening was a hit, the capacity, the body of a long trip
Tel Hashomer. At night or the next day, he writes. “I wrote some songs in my life, as a result of events that evoke strong feelings for me, and all I can remember.
Very good. I remember exactly where I wrote each. Only this song I don’t remember at all. I wrote a big emotion. Besides wanting to perpetuate, it is also releasing a 20-year-old boy’s pain who loses a friend first. Already dealt with death before, but this is the first time kissing brother killed, first soldier in your unit. In such circumstances, his friends fire in such action. Many of us have undergone therapy afterwards, but for me the writing was a notebook replacement.

For 20 years he says he sees the family song that reveals the patch in remembrance of the student experience class completing the unit training as a soldier.
“Today, when I take my soldiers I control them, twenty years after, in comes Golani, I always see the way to Barta’a, and I always feel the need to share the story of who did the soldier that shy, quiet in such event.

“It’s me. How did you shoot him? “

Draw: IDF spokesman Ali Jess

Translated from Hebrew