It’s not the age, exercise (Ret.)

סא”ל (מיל’) דן מנור. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Dan Manor, the oldest was termed a reserve Armored Division “opens”, don’t miss day also reserve at age 70. “The IDF will continue to serve as long as he wants it,” he says.

תאריך: 31/05/2012, 19:30    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

Among the dozens of reservists who kicked mdovllim on the old Mag tanks ze’elim in reserve armoured Division’s “open last week, also walked Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Dan Manor, the oldest was termed. Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Noor, young fresh 65 Sunday, didn’t miss a day of reserve duty, and olive uniforms in over 40 days of reserve duty each year. “I love my country, and I will continue to serve and contribute while the army wants” services, Manor, and
He succeeded to enlist in the IDF only thirty and pain that all Ben, looks like it’s not going
On foot.

The exercise of the old Division of the Palmach exists and subject to central command, practicing all the fire brigades and used complex partnerships with the air force, infantry, engineering, fire fighting collection. 90% attendance, high morale and a lot of
Grease. Behind the scenes of fire and shells, Lt. Col. (Ret.) Noor arrives at the end to fix
All the logistical needs of the athletes and be exemplary and behind the constant miloamnik.

“I always wanted to enlist, but due to health problems and family consists not drafted,” he recalled, “after the Yom Kippur war, the Army decided to re-examine all the Petro ptoristim and even then me. I insisted, and at thirty finally joined, as married with children. “

The dream to serve the true homeland come true, but the satisfaction was low and lasts six months, depending on the rules of recruitment. “All I did was to file cases, and provides”
Says manor was released, and “volunteered for reserve duty. Liaison officer noticed a lovely feeling and asked me to try my luck as an officer. Immediately arrived to מ”כים course in tzrifin and then to OCs and Bahjat shtbtzati (early version of the home front command).

Although initially recruited and only reserve officer, dozens of marine reserves in a year.
He does for more than 30 years of tczazim service period is longer than
A regular soldier. “Got in, filling the role of a security officer bound in months, and generally I get whenever you need me,” he boasts.

Children marched in and enlisted 1A, but in 2004, his son Tal who served in a battalion hoopoe, killed by a rifle bullet emissions. “Some people ask me how
I am able to continue to wear the hat of my getting on fatigues and keep coming to “reserve,” but I tell them that we have enough enemies, and without them we won’t have what army about ourselves and our homeland. There is no choice. “

The vanishing of his frequent military raises the question of how his family gets the best of what was termed. “In truth, my wife deserves kudos for your patience and understanding. I need to download one shoulder and pepper to give it, “says Lt.-Col. Res. Manor with a smile.
“I’ve read lately about pilot over 70 years old that continues to contribute to the country, which is my goal.  Continue to fall in the reserves while I still can. “

Translated from Hebrew