JAG: “operational challenges dealing with Ethan ב’צוק ‘ itatzmo next Act”

אלוף עפרוני. צילום ארכיון: דו”ץ

The things told the judge at a Conference on the challenges of fighting in densely populated areas, adding that “Hamas has used the doctrine aims at depriving the army the ability to exercise the principle of distinction”

תאריך: 02/12/2014, 14:02    
מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אתר צה”ל

הפרקליטות הצבאית

The Chief Military Prosecutor, Gen. Lark, spoke today (Tuesday) at the Institute for national security studies about the challenges of fighting in densely populated areas. He addressed judge international discourse about IDF activities in the territories are built and populated in a cliff “.

“Urban space combat is in challenge, and is challenging when the fighting starts again tenfold
Terrorist organizations based on exploitation of the laws of war – both in the field and physical war at legitimacy, “said Maj. Gen. lark. “The last operation we placed Hamas
Hardness level challenges familiar to us, that requires to reconsider its attitude to this kind of fighting, “he stated.

During operation “Cliff”, as almost every major conflict in which the IDF took part since the second Lebanon war, the army was forced to deal with terrorist goals and objectives msooim themselves within the civilian population. According to the judge, “Cliff” was a record of exploiting civilian population by terrorist organizations. “One of the principles to which the IDF is
The distinction between military objectives, which are allowed to attack and civilians and civilian objects to be avoided as much as possible the impact “, said the judge” Ethan ב’צוק, more than performs, the doctrine which aims at depriving Hamas of Israel Defense Forces the ability to exercise the principle of distinction, as to provide maximum protection of the civilian population
Where sthoo, and enjoy the benefits of the campaign taking place in the legitimacy, “the champion Lark

Hamas is widely done in mosques, or in Gaza, and other civilian sites.
“The controls and the Hamas members turned their homes into an operational situation which drains military information and instructions for firing rockets into Israel territory,” said the judge, he said, testifying to this doctrine of Hamas could be found on the Organization’s brochure titled urban warfare ‘ caught during the last campaign – which indicated the benefits of this type of combat.

According to Lark, champion also in light of efforts to minimize the damage to civilian targets, including the procedure press the roof is designed to evacuate the civilian population from attack, targets of criticism in the international community directed rather towards IDF forces, rather than against terrorist organizations. “The allegations by the international community reflect severe impairment in understanding of the complex challenges that terrorist organizations pose”. “The international community refer to Israel criticized arrows and rely on arguments by the destruction in Gaza indicates that the IDF acted against the principle of proportionality. This criticism is fundamentally wrong,
As Greece that it ignores the fact that the exact scope is unclear because of Hamas ‘ policy of concealment, hiding the names rogio during the operation and after it. A policy
It is intended to create fog and gap between IDF policy and its results, “he said.

At the end of
The judge addressed remarks to the absurd situation created due to international criticism leveled by the IDF. “those who drafted the law sought to combine legal and moral standards in effect on the conduct of Nations opposite. The attempt to modify these tools
By activating the terrorist organization’s manipulations overrides the laws of war may give its roughly about Israel but about the international discourse, “he elaborated. “This creates the absurd-radical terrorist organization international law from him, affects international dialogue can lead to a situation of danger to the civilian population”.

“Operational challenges dealing with exceptional Ethan ב’צוק ‘ itatzmo not to decline, but in the following campaign,” concluded Maj. Gen. lark. “I expect the international community not to let terrorism dictate the tone. These issues are important to apciram to make that their motives are clear. You can and should maintain a dialogue, and, like any other military, is not innocent mistakes but fundamental informed don’t forget – the laws of war are a candle to IDF’s legs and is working to implement them.

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