JAG: the IDF operates moderately-in consideration of international law

Gen. Lark treated the judge advocate at the Institute for national security studies, stressing: “we are questioning our activities regularly,
Long before external factor intervenes “

תאריך: 06/02/2013, 16:35    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן ויפתח כרמלי, אתר צה“ל

Following the publication of the second part of the Turkel Committee report, which dealt with in terms of suitability of the forces fighting in Israel, the judge advocate General (JAG), Champ Denny Lark on the issue in remarks at a Conference in densely populated areas that exist today (Wednesday) at the Institute for national security studies.

“The Committee’s ruling proves again that no allegations were pursuing us in various forums in the world, according to which Israel is in the investigation of war crimes,
The judge said, emphasizing that “ultimately any system, even if it believes that it is good,
Checking herself out and will always strive to improve. We tend to do that. The main and most important message that emerges from the report is that the IDF’s investigative and inspection personnel in reviewing complaints regarding violations of combat Israel hand correspond to international law.

“Efforts to improve existing mechanisms are routine, and we waited for the Committee on
To do so, the judge noted, “immediately after” starting “pillar of a comprehensive investigation of
The operation, led by the champion, whose questioning of proactively events of combatant. He has not received complaints about most cases and there is no obligation in law to bdokam. However, in looking into these cases due to his commitment to international Dean
To learn and to try to avoid harming bystanders, even when it comes to casual damage.
“The investigation process is concluded, the judge as evidence and I think within a few weeks of the test and maybe the entire process is behind us,” he said.

JAG: the IDF operates moderately-in consideration of international law

Judge speaking at the INSS. Photo: ARI gross, דו”ץ.

However it must be remembered that the investigations are routine and normal Attorney
Strive for continuous improvement and last year even though the team reinforced the complaints in order to finish the treatment in the past. “The people left out one character for the handling of cases and carried out staff work to sharpen the reporting requirement, which appears also in the recommendations the Commission is awarded.

In addition, before the operation, ordered by Chief of staff major changes to operational incidents investigation process, including the establishment of an independent body to investigate popular, early recommendation of
MFA. “Today we begin immediately a hikert check in case of unlawful killings.
Involved, the judge explained, “we have taken numerous steps in recent years to improve the processes of investigation and inspection regardless of the Turkel Committee, but the Committee’s recommendations we derogating them.
Examine thoroughly and embrace all that you need for the effort.

Right weight for legitimacy purposes

He later addressed the judge refer to international laws of war during operation pillar and previous actions in Gaza and Lebanon. “The IDF is committed
According to the laws of war and their mouths, and one of the major challenges to us as lawyers is to inspect them and to adapt them to reality with which we deal, “said the judge.
“Despite our adherence to international law, we cannot ignore considerations of global public opinion, and we need to act in the spirit of the statement: ‘ to be right, be smart. Muezzins commanders in pillar.

“During the operation faced quite a few situations where we could operate legally and more aggressive than we choose to realize significant operational achievement, but we preferred
* Choose a milder way, described judge, emphasized that “the IDF actions in all
When it comes to maintaining the General unprecedented international operational circumstances.
Given the intensification of the Hezbollah in Lebanon will continue to adhere to international law and to underweight
And measured consideration legitimacy. “

Translated from Hebrew