“Janusz left us a legacy of leadership.”

צילום: דובר צה”ל

Writing a personal column Commander 7th Armored Brigade, Colonel Dan Neumann in honor of major General (retired) Avigdor Ben GAL z (Janusz) went yesterday passed away at the age of 79

תאריך: 14/02/2016, 20:30    
מחבר: מח”ט 7, אל”ם דן נוימן

7th armored brigade was founded in 1948. One of the oldest divisions in Israeli history in 1973, the year he commanded the Regiment in the battles of Janos in the Golan Heights. On the heritage and grew up during the service which was really sad. From this place, and the deep roots, I can say that today, more than 40 years since the Division commanded by yanush, whose image is on the designers. Over 40 years and which still burned in metal armor and Steel Division human.

Janusz, on Saturday, with the message on the sudden demise of the Bureau sat on 7 in the Golan and perused care the Yom Kippur war. Among other things described there seven Chief’s visit, mugged, on 9 October with defensive battles, pull the head passed the words of Napoleon: “soldier, if you say that in this war, war will tell you there is a brave man for us.” Those words designated for the Division were under your command, you dedicate to each particular part of the regimental combat.

During service in the insistence to select captains courageous and skilled professionals. Any position effect on discipline, introducing and implementing training hard, arduous and unconventional, which set a tough external concern, love and dedication to pkodiich.

Ben GAL family. Note that we gave Janos legacy of determination, solid protection for the State of Israel, of standing firm in battle and victory. Janusz has left us a legacy of leadership based on professionalism and as one who is not afraid of daring and intelligence tests and so evidence of the condition. The leadership sees as campaign size resting on her shoulders. This do-it-yourself spirit 7th Armored Brigade, this spirit we are committed.

The commanders and fighters bow division heads today in memory of a warrior and Commander.

Translated from Hebrew