Joint forces: as with any fire on Mt. Carmel attractions

דוברות משטרת ישראל

It announced last night the firefighting services, after 77 hours of combat.
Firefighting forces remain on alert in Carmel increased fear of renewed of the flames.
International aid teams separate from Israel and abroad

תאריך: 06/12/2010, 19:55    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Firefighting services conducted last night (Mon) evaluating her condition that acquired complete control in all sectors the fire at Mount Carmel, after 77 hours of combat. Estimated remaining firefighting forces on the ground to continue-shutdown operations including IDF forces are deployed in the region in recent days.

Meanwhile, police announced that residents of NIR Etzion, ein HoD and ein separately can return to their homes. Earlier in the day ordered Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to stop the international airlift to Israel and seek additional assistance of aerial firefighting-because she’s either fire area, full of great firefighting planes full coverage.

As of Sunday morning started the Super-tancr “aircraft, the shutdown
Boeing 747, to extinguish the fire in the Carmel Ridge and about 80 thousand liters of water and retardants. The team joined the two Israeli air force personnel, under the command of sprouts and base rank officer Col., correlate with the air traffic control unit.

The air force will continue aerial firefighting operations until complete control.

Colonel, air force one, said yesterday (Sunday) that we are currently in advanced stages of fighting fire, things seem to be getting close to that.
The air force will continue aerial firefighting operations until the control that will be with the troops on the ground, for now we continue the efforts. The situation is better than yesterday and the spirit
Meanwhile our help. “

According to Col. Yaron, “planes that help reduce the dimensions of fire so little chance of expansion. Air support and fire operations involve meticulous coordination of the air force, who now proves himself quite good achievements. “


Joint forces: as with any fire on Mt. Carmel attractions

Photographer: Shay vaknin

  • Joint forces: as with any fire on Mt. Carmel attractions
  • Joint forces: as with any fire on Mt. Carmel attractions

Super-tancr “-another in the air and ground tools

Nevatim base, Brig. Gen. Aden Ahmed, was on the plane and the crew. “I appreciate that one to two hours, the plane gets to the fire and we a day to four or five sorties, high effectiveness,” said Brig. Gen. Attias. “This is another tool
The sea air and the ground. There is cautious optimism. very few locations of fire, and I hope that at the end of the day we get to control the event.

Brigadier General Ahmed said “the goal now is to prevent the spread of fire to adjacent communities.
Foreign teams from various countries are extremely skilled and professional “from the morning began firefighting jets 34 to resume activities in Carmel, including planes from different countries in Europe.


During the Saturday dozens of medical teams, firefighters and liaison to the authorities.

During the IDF continued extensive powers in helping firefighters and police forces in the area. About 200 firefighters from Orange reserve home front command joined in the search and rescue teams and helped in the takeover, along with reserve officers of the link to the authorities who were recruited to help deal with mayors.

The delegations of Bulgaria and Greece joined firefighters through the HFC, in charge of crowning glory in the country and economy, fire forces in the disaster area. In addition, hundreds of soldiers
In assisting the evacuation of settlements and assistance for special populations, axes and various tasks of policing and scanning.

Dozens of medical teams including paramedics, doctors and medical supplies and assistance in filing medical and assisted in identifying bodies.


Air Force bases picked up relief planes from around the world.

Throughout the operation, the air force activated the air forces – Israelis and foreigners, the partners in the efforts, in addition to running two to four unmanned observation aircraft and staffed to assist in directing and staging armed forces bases in absorbing many relief planes from countries around the world.

So far landed in the country: 3 of 12 Jets shutdown shutdown supply planes and 6, Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Turkey, Russia, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Switzerland.
In addition to firefighting equipment and supplies arriving from Jordan and Egypt.


The wounded recruit; Teleprocessing provides coverage for

Led by head of personnel, Maj. Gen. avi Zamir, recruited 200 reserve officers of the casualties, working alongside members of the prison service in the complex and sensitive mission of delivering messages to families of the victims, quoted in full military funeral and was buried.

Teleprocessing provides tcshovity coverage and IDF forces, rescue services, Fire Department and Israel Police for international cooperation arm, especially provincial VC systems and information systems for the air force.

As noted, in addition to helicopters and aircraft of the air force, thousands of soldiers, most of the logistical assistance with hundreds of vehicles, dozens of engineering tools, military and firefighting measures to aid evacuees, operating in the disaster area from Thursday to help the firefighting efforts, and rescue.

Education and Youth Corps was placed to coordinate against the Israel National Fund the participation of soldiers in reconstruction operations, to start the Carmel area when handling fire.

Teams of IDF personnel department take part in handling the bodies of the victims and in organizing and performing funerals. As a result of the fire were evacuated last Friday three IDF bases: “Master Chief” (tspokat and equipment base) of the Navy, six prison and “cluster”.
The IDF continues to assist the population held in supplying mattresses and food, in coordination with local authorities.

Carmel fire disaster special IDF site coverage:
In considering the postponing the call-up of Carmel pony
The air force will command air firefighting operations
The OC: “things are under control.”
The air force aims to receive aid
“Fire on the international scale, heavy disaster.”

Head of the home front command headquarters, Brigadier-General boruch ezagui Tesler said last Friday that “the home front command enlisted firefighters to help control the fire. Recall units to assist local authorities. Coordination with the IDF, with responsibility for air force personnel.
We searched and legs forces cars Air Force shutdown “.

The IDF has placed at the disposal of the Commander of the Northern District of Israel air force helicopters (four of them face wounded the scene flips the bus), dozens of medical personnel including doctors, paramedics and medical equipment, two popular troops to aid fire extinguishers and water tankers. The command also offers Israel the police teams to treat mass attack in the command of the Commander of the Northern District of the home front command, also.
Four D-9 bulldozers and heavy equipment for the fire and hundreds of soldiers from basic
Related training to help troops on Thursday evening when a bus turned over, and it
About 50 people, between Beit Oren to damoon prison, it apparently after they lost control of the vehicle due to fire and smoke. About 40 of the bus were killed and others were injured to varying degrees. IDF waves reported that the injured were evacuated to three major hospitals in Rambam, Haifa, Carmel and score, there are mass-casualty incident. Ceo
Magen David Adom, Allie see, said in an interview to IDF waves, because the organization is in contact with all hospitals in the State of Israel.




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