Judea and Samaria Division used kidnapping soldiers: “the concrete threat.”

התרגיל באיו”ש, השבוע. צילום: בן-איש רביבו, דובר צה”ל

The Division has completed an exercise that lasted two days, during which incorporated many of the forces divisions, hijacking scenario envisions a sector

תאריך: 15/12/2011, 09:00    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

10:44 am, close to Emanuel that bafrim. Old blue car type
Subaru’s standing on the side of the road to kana. Next to it are two civilians, seem at a loss against the hood. By חטמ”ר Ephraim’s car through the timeline stops near the vehicle, trying to help. “What happened here?” a soldier interested.
El motor, motor, “a tribute to the bare gray coat and masked Palestinian,” dead is dead “engine.

While the soldiers approaching them, in the grey overcoat pulls gun, skillfully
And shooting two soldiers back stunned courses In less than a minute the terrorists seized the soldier and pushes him into the blue Subaru. 10:46 am they throw two grenades and smoke the Wadi that shocking and chilling brake squeal turn North, agents holding the abducted soldier.

This scenario may be true, but it’s only a weekend exercise. Thus began the Divisional חטמ”ר Ephraim’s kidnapping. The exercise, which lasted more than 48 hours, even rehearsed
Levels and degrees of presenting ironic features on television during the hijack, the event to additional spatial divisions: Samaria, and Benjamin.

“The Division deals with a wide range of events, from our perspective the most dangerous event is an event,” said kidnapping IDF site Deputy Commander Col. Ephraim Division, create harpaz. “This exercise increases eventually Act and know how to handle it in the best possible way with this kind of event,” he said.

Head אבי”ב (security, safety, and knowledge), Lieutenant Colonel LEEN explained that” the aim is to train the forces of the central command in dealing with hijack and to raise awareness of the kidnapping soldiers. “

He said that Shalit “and ל”עסקת for release of 550 inmates Gaza and Judea and Samaria, not directly linked to exercise. “The exercise was born as a result of concrete threat for kidnapping soldiers in the area, and we need to be trained for it,” explained Lieutenant Colonel, who noted that the recently changed procedures at central command following the threats, inter alia, emphasizes briefing soldiers serving in Judea and Samaria, screening a movie about kidnapping, changing the behavior and procedures updated to “Hannibal,” which when.

Looking for the hijack: beret color to the shell casings at the scene.

There’s never a dull moment. The warriors as the kidnappers were prepared in advance,
Kicked in civilian clothes, bring a couple cars and updated safety guidelines.
Purpose: to fool the Middle hatm: distraction by drive-by “Palestinian” added, bored and stroked to Ramallah, while the winding route through a glance, and Benjamin.

10:47, thick smoky arena. רבש”ץ (security military area Center) overlooking the Yakir settlement Hill is quick to arrive, while the diversion passing vehicles. “There are some!” shout the wounded. Leaning over posted, question them and report and call rescue teams. It’s almost 11. Troops begin flowing in droves: the Tracker searches following and treads, the tag specifies the names of one of the soldiers to become soiled with doll in red pencil and begins to treat the wounded, and securing the exclusion period.

Ephraim Brigade Commander, Colonel ran Kahana, sector shortly after and trying to formulate the initial system. He questioned the official, every detail from the kidnapped soldier’s beret to a viable pods found at the scene. Israel Police and other forces arrive, leaning over maps, reports and exception listeners looking for one thing-the abducted soldier.

“All the signs go north?” asks happy. Yes, than the tracker in shook head. Police and some troops remain, but most have been quick to jump on their ל”סופות”
And in a race against time. Later, following a phantom will stop by taking units related indirectly to the event, gets information about the Carabinieri because of her kidnappers. From lead to Division and command connection should allow the clump and find the soldier.

A month ago the חטמ”ר Valley practice kidnapping a checkpoint in beka’ot, in cooperation with the Department of Operations Directorate and under the supervision of the Chief of staff, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz. Since his release from captivity of Gilad Shalit abduction threats and sound in the several decrees in giving greater emphasis to the subject, and get the police kidnapping operations.

Translated from Hebrew