Judge Dalia Dorner, the retired judge report on access military Defender

השופטת בדימוס דורנר מגישה את הדו”ח לפצ”ר, אתמול. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Dorner spearheaded a Committee examining the scope of the representation provided the military Defender, the expertise and its borders and the need for a series of functions and positions

תאריך: 20/03/2013, 13:46    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Retired judge Dalia Dorner filed yesterday (Tuesday) to the military advocate general, Maj. Gen. Danny Efroni, report the Committee to examine the scope of the representation provided on behalf of the defence. The Committee was appointed by the judge in order to test the expertise of military defence and borders, the rules require ethics in work and the need for a series of functions and positions.

Alongside a Chairperson, judge Dalia Dorner, the retired champion too (Ret.) Dan Harel, formerly a Chief Petty Officer, and Col. (Res.) Moshe enon, formerly a Chief Legislative Counsel and the judge. During its work, the Committee met with
Senior military commanders, military prosecutors and defense attorneys both past and present, the State public defender and the judge’s command the first – the military Defender, the Chief Military Prosecutor and judge.

Judge Dalia Dorner, the retired judge report on access military Defender

In the report, the Committee and emphasized the importance of independent status it enjoys today, the Defender, and stated that the principle of the independence of the defence is the guiding principle in providing recommendations. With regard to the scope of the representation, the Committee insisted that alongside the core activity
The defence in criminal proceedings it is appropriate to determine the commands the army that one of its functions will include representation of soldiers, both in previous proceedings criminal proceedings and subsequent proceedings and accompanying him.

It also recommended that the Committee on criteria for providing representation and proper way to mount
Certain procedures, such as disciplinary and military and official investigations and procedures in front of body. After conferring with counsel, the Committee noted that the judge will be competent personality to determine whether a particular subject beyond the core issues included in the Defender’s. In addition, the Committee emphasized the obligation the trend to broaden its representation, as reflected in the public defender’s Office and work.

During the occupation the ethics rules require the military Defender, the Committee finds that there is no contradiction between the duty officer advocacy and customer loyalty. At the same time, stated that if will increase tension between the two, the duty to a client, but she resented and determined
The military advocacy to remember which IDF officer committed toward the military and necessitated the norms by being in a uniform.

Status report on receipt judge hip judge (retired) for professional work and Dorner surrounding. The Committee’s conclusions and recommendations will be introduced by Gen. Lark, to preserve and strengthen the status of the military defence.

Translated from Hebrew