“Juniper Cobra 10” underway

התרגיל יכלול, בין היתר, שיגור טילים מסוג ‘פטריוט’. צילום: דובר צה”ל

During the exercise the us army and the Israel Defense Forces, the Patriot missiles will “live targets. The Commander of the American forces: “the most important thing is to build trust and confidence in our joint work. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. “

תאריך: 22/10/2009, 13:45    
מחבר: נדב דויטשר

Juniper Cobra exercise 2010 began last night (Wednesday) with the participation of soldiers in an array
The IDF and the American military. The exercise will take place over the next three weeks, will resemble a series of scenarios and simulations based on existing threats against the State of Israel.

This is the fifth time that the exercise, conducted every two years since 2001.
In the current exercise, take part more than 1,000 American soldiers under the command of Admiral
John Richardson, and a similar number of soldiers from rows.

“The exercise is not engaged in offensive operations, but only defensive,” says Brig. Gen. Doron
Crystal, the Commander, Brig. Gen. Crystal indicates that we exist as a result of any development in the region, “carefully planned exercise in the past year and a half, and is set in the graph” annual.

The Commander of the military exercise, Admiral John Richardson, also stressed that the two countries are conducted in a timely fashion and not as a result of any development.
“The exercise will contribute to the fact that we can be prepared for any situation. While Israel could defend itself fully, but we’re here to help improve our capabilities and Israel if necessary. ” Admiral Richardson added that “the most important thing is to build trust and confidence in our joint work. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. “

Also the control bind altered, Col. Shahar Shohat, sure, you can protect
The State of Israel also optimally without American assistance. However, after the exercise, which will simulate extreme conditions–in real time–think butchering that Col. Israel be amochnot point
Even more good.

The exercise itself will be divided into three main stages: the first stage, the joint forces will deploy the systems; In the second phase, there will be simulations ranging level
The lesser works to senior levels on both sides; And in the last step, several scenarios idomo
Gunfire and several potential “Patriot” missiles at the targets live.

Translated from Hebrew