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בתמונה: סא”ל דוד תפוחי, מפקד גדוד הקשר של פצ”ן

The relationship of northern command specifies 60 years, Morse coded in those days to command and control systems at this time. The battalion commander promised: we will continue to stay in the army early.

תאריך: 08/11/2011, 02:19    
מחבר: אופיר הגלילי, אתר צה”ל

The relationship of northern command noted last week, 60 years of activity, at a ceremony held in the presence of the Commander, Colonel commanding Eli Gazit, battalion commander, Lt. Col. David, former battalion commanders and the bereaved families. During the Locarno Video recounting the history of the Regiment, its activities and its perpetrators.

Since its establishment in 1951, the regiment took part in all the regiment about Israel were wars in the North, provides services and forces later advanced ICT systems. “If 60 years ago the systems based on carrier pigeons and Morse code, today the technology developed and used on systems and advanced computing,” Battalion Commander, Lt. Col. David potatoes. “The battalion gave and still gives the answer in establishing headquarters, חפ”קים layout and ongoing work, “he said.

One of the battalion’s work is צי”ד system (Army Digital) the developed by Elbit and came into use during exercises last year. The system
Allows coordination between forces in various levels, providing updated and improved accuracy when running. “All the response and the core of צי”ד system are a regiment. He was always in the lead when it comes to ICT, all new systems came to our battalion, said Lt. Col. the IDF site apples, who noted that he “anticipates that continue and move forward with the technology and remains at the forefront of the Israel Defense Forces.

Translated from Hebrew