Keepers: the soldiers guarding the borders.

טכנאי מערכות התרעה בפעולה. צילום: אט”ל

Soldiers of the “early warning systems” of ordnance Corps know how borders and security job preserving a significant and sensitive for the IDF so they are trained to keep
On set, even under fire.

תאריך: 27/01/2013, 11:11    
מחבר: אלעד לביא, אט”ל

They are distributed in most combat bases and the first pop-up Blocker if necessary. Training school of ordnance technician occupations warning systems to learn how to handle the first thing protecting us borders Israel-the fence.

Last month over another course in “early warning systems”. More than 15 other soldiers received a heavy responsibility to ensure that the settings around us work, 365 days a year, preventing the entry of undesirable elements into the country.
It comes with hundreds of miles of fences, which are equipped with touch sensors and motion. Often techs bounced late at night, when few of them shmterim is Gaza City, the cities of Judea and Samaria, southern Lebanon or Chinese.

“Technicians are not combatants, yet their role they perform in the line of fire,” explained Oded Moshe רס”ב, Commander of the course. “They come here with the motivation and desire to serve. From here they come for combat units, they are considered part of the unit and conduct
Its culture and its way of life. They work together with the Givati and Golani Infantry Brigade, as
And sometimes partners in actions of elite units, “he added.

Keepers: the soldiers guarding the borders.

Keep also on the border fence. Photo archive

Intended to alert systems technician course are combat-Profile (72), who showed motivation to do the job. The training base at tzrifin they undergo three weeks-long course in which they learn to know the length and width settings.
“Students learn how power base here, and how working set. Then they get to know the ingredients of the fence, how it works with computers and situation, what are the tools that will get the service, and most importantly: how to work under pressure – which will eventually appear in their regular service, “said Sergeant Meir Zeno, who guide the course lately. “They’re getting out of here with how to find and fix the fault,” he explained, “with the knowledge they acquire in the course they manage to fit into the base and start to manipulate the settings quickly.

The course contains theoretical content, but the emphasis is on the practical aspects.
For this purpose built training base set functions of several meters, train apprentices
Debug and treatment. “Ultimately, set a few metres is still the responsibility will fall on the share of each here-they have a very familiar set of tens of meters long,” noted Moshe רס”ב, the following courses we increase the amount of content and practical course will cover learning so that each set is possible in Israel”. To the course from foremen from the borders to display and share in the work process in any of the hardships.

The treatment of such systems is rare in citizenship, and many of the crashes are kidnapped for different jobs upon completion of their duties. The field’s leader is a “sickle”, which developed the indiktiviot settings for the IDF, senior employees and a company that served in the past as a technician. Also the proposed permanent development routes, mechanics and electronics of the ordnance Corps.

Translated from Hebrew