Keeping you in the cold: all commands, the IDF faced with turbulent system

חיילי גולני בצפון, היום. צילום: דובר צה”ל

In JAG and patrolling operation administrators snow warriors, and are preparing to help floods. Obsero warriors in the finest equipment, to allow for a job no matter what.

תאריך: 08/01/2013, 20:05    
מחבר: מתן גלין ונעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

Northern command Edit winter system engulfed Israel in recent days, after several months of preparation.
As part of the instructions given to soldiers in command, emphasis on using suitable equipment to prevent artery weather operational activities.

51st regiment fighters of the Golani Brigade, currently in the Upper Galilee throughout the winter, equipped with the best equipment in order to carry out their mission, maintaining the security of residents of the North, in the cold, rain and snow.


Keeping you in the cold: all commands, the IDF faced with turbulent system

Even the Navy’s handling of the storm.

Engineering and logistics officers at Lebanon border designed Hiram working in recent days overtime to overcome the harsh weather that IDF bases
In the North.  In the area of Har Dov mountain range and the snow already piled up, and special tools prepared in advance on the opening of the workers delegates to soldiers stationed and food supplies.

The army started preparations already studied in summer soldiers sitting positions. “In the summer we started strengthening infrastructure projects.
Windowss posts to allow soldiers a safe and pleasant stay and can say that our infrastructure is in good shape, “said IDF major site Sharon ausvlai, a Divisional Officer engineering designed Hiram. Apart from strengthening the infrastructure, logistics officers, all in their power to maintain the continued regular activities with winter equipment which in addition to the existing equipment. “Besides the gear filled every soldier comes with it including חלפ”ס, hrmonit, tights, gloves, and fleeces, we overcame the strength of thermal clothes body heat, and the old Division posts heating, radiators or air conditioners, “added major topic Dotan kbani, logistics officer designed Hiram.

Keeping you in the cold: all commands, the IDF faced with turbulent system

Snow in Hebron

In addition to heating, the northern region chose not to take any chances and also extreme scenarios. If the severe weather does not allow vehicles to supply the north rim can keep his soldiers in a week a valid food prepared in advance. Anyway, it is unlikely that itoozer problem. “Har Dov, Earl terms, there are three tools that move on larvae, like snow ל’חתולי. If the snow blocking mountain warriors also increase and supplies could get on their backs. Another way to open the hinges and facilitating tools is salt distribution.
“In a thick layer of snow, we sprinkle salt on snow salt and dismantle the ice layer.

So while the central cities struggling with flooding and regular daily life, northern command is already beginning to see the end of the storm.
“We’re the first major storm, but we’re ready, and then spent the early week end in peace,” said major in kbani.

Preparing to storm the southern command also

The wintry weather also did not “80th”, where registered engineering teams hand preparation for floods that may hit hard in infrastructure sector.
“While the main flood engineering activity is in labor using heavy equipment bicycles,” the IDF site אג”ם Engineering Officer of the southern command, Maj. Kobi Cohen.
“These days we spread among junior teams and distribute them with the means for dealing with floods.

Keeping you in the cold: all commands, the IDF faced with turbulent system

According to major, already earlier made preparations for winter, including evictions and transfers of the hinge areas to facilitate teams during floods.
“In addition to preparation before winter and during the floods after the event we deal
Infrastructure damage repair issue “, said major,” usually after flood axes have the infrastructure and courses, leading to limited capability of an operational response, which avoided by us. ” In addition, the drifting of mines in the West may occur, and outstanding engineering forces after the flood.

The existing bshitponot mainly divisions Sagi and West teams are already posted and ready for action. During a flood, there’s rocks, where soil erosion
The engineering teams of therapists using road graders, tractors actually levels.

Recall that in all seasons and winter in particular, prohibited to cross fences and enter the fenced areas and control. We note that the minefields are marked by barbed wire, warning triangle and a yellow warning against. In addition, trail maps
And the existing competent list of prohibited areas and travel etiquette in different regions. If a man finds himself in the field of space mines,
He should stay in his place, to inform immediately the armed forces and to refrain from trying to escape.

In winter, due to the weather, can cause soil erosion and sometimes swept minefields outside the set. You must be cautious and alert on all safety hazard.

Translated from Hebrew