Kfir Brigade aligns a line: “learn the ‘ cast ‘ and the second Lebanon”

הלוחמים מתאמנים, בשבוע שעבר. צילום: פלורית שויחט, דובר צה”ל

The first practice held Leopard focus on rank commanders of departments, during the “professional” line alignment in the field of fighting in built-up area

תאריך: 19/03/2012, 13:25    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

Kfir Brigade held last week for the first time, training junior officers of the departments. The training, held in divisional training of paratroopers that two bshpipon, with the “professional” line alignment in the field of fighting on the ground
Built. The course included theoretical and practical part which comprises five stations: move from area to area, progress, combat area, built-up area protection against enemy and urban trauma. At the same time, new technologies embedded in the detective Division.

“Throughout the year we are in a built-up area, and the need to prepare for emergencies makes the natural surroundings of Aisha,” IDF site Kfir Brigade Commander Colonel, UDI Ben-protest. “We recognize that in a critical stage of education.
Commanders here are like soldiers, with MAG and wipe, which gives them the ability to understand what happens to the soldier, “he said. “The sham power
, He must understand the threats to troops, thus given an extensive angle on either course relevant threats like explosives and ultimately DNA the departments they lead to war.

Kfir Brigade aligns a line: “learn the ‘ cast ‘ and the second Lebanon”

Kfir Brigade, which was identified with Judea and Samaria since its inception some six years ago, erupted this year. For the first time in history, the regiment was sent to operational employment Darter, and Carob and hoopoe battalion were in employment, operational background of global warming in the region. ‘ Kfir has aged, the ability to conduct such training and to divisional general standards strengthen us as a Division, “said a Colonel,” we’re learning in preparation for possible emergencies, and to study in depth the ‘ cast ‘ and the second Lebanon war, and ongoing safety lessons.

The Division indicate that this type of training increases self confidence and professionalism of the move, which is similar to training individual soldiers. “We
Provide solutions and emphasis to fighting vulnerabilities built with this exercise, “study leader and to Lieutenant Colonel Lion, Schori,” including explosive urban, practice, fire burst and wet. As part of the training was collaboration with combat engineering and
Stinger unit, in order to strengthen the field of explosives and what information to activate your Adobe
‘ Sting ‘ in fighting, especially when there are operational with the unit.

Moreover advanced embedded in security issues, bilateral shooting, the distance between the soldiers and the prevention of sabotage.

Translated from Hebrew