Kfir Brigade returns to Gaza

צילום: שי וגנר, דובר צה”ל

The Division continues to break the boundaries of Samaria, and operational employment of dream
Filled with one of the hottest country borders. Brigade Commander sure Haruv “Battalion”, soon to become legislators reconnaissance mission.

תאריך: 20/09/2012, 10:47    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

The lighting illuminating the urban city alleged occupation of sand hills, פצמ”רים targeted, tank shells and easy: Welcome to the troop’s nightly carob”. Hundreds of army troops for half day weekend the sands of the desert, and had a peak training aimed at preparing for the forthcoming employment in Gaza, one
The lines in question and most challenging in recent times. Kfir Brigade, and tmkonta’s in fighting terrorism in Judea and Samaria, to prove the multiple capabilities in more distant areas in the southern districts.
“We’re entering the region look at Neverland, the Kfir Brigade Commander Colonel, UDI Ben power, in an interview with IDF website.” we have a very important challenge for the Division, which included the exercise, that prove the battalion’s preparedness and soglotho to work in difficult conditions against any enemy. ”
He explained. The Division said the familiarity with the territory, and that “there is a sense of challenge and pleasure in the regiment to succeed.” Colonel akudo noted that the Regiment is a regiment strong.
The owner of heritage and tradition, which consists of quality people, and that he was confident in his abilities.
One of the expressions is the decision to make the first reconnaissance battalion to a brigade in the coming years.

Kfir Brigade returns to Gaza

A series of training and preparations sealed spend week after order given “about the soldiers in practice, MAG began during the evening and ended at mid-morning. In practice the warriors attacked rocket-launching centers and occupation objectives
Enemy, commit acts of directed enemy, enemy uniforms and conducted bilateral exercise.
After walking seven miles in the sand hills, launch and training area in built-up area, soldiers continued the long walk towards an open area, which began in the wet with armor, artillery and engineering. Conducted, Lt. Col. Yoav
Tzocron, the Orchestra began to play once the kidney with פצמ”רים, (from Kalay-grenades) and various weapons, and thus end the spend them well prepared for any possible threat in sector.

Meanwhile, in preparations for the line were numerous and intensity, and the understanding of space. “For the next Gaza line we mentality and physical preparation. There is a great sense of Mission in the Regiment, and the burden of proof is on us. Haruv battalion and Kfir Brigade received a unique opportunity and we have to prove our abilities now properly, “said the Deputy Battalion Commander, Maj. me Jason.

“There is no question whether we may Division manipulated.”

Kfir Brigade, which was formed seven years ago and has made employment and operational mainly in only last year started to get lines in the North and South line in Gaza brings knowledge and experience. “Division specializes in fighting in built-up area and practice it most of the year, but also in operational activity most of the time, and thus an expert in fighting terrorism and Tin (hostile terrorist activity-Shi)”, said the Commander of the Division, “we deal and we will discuss it anywhere – even in the North and the South, and do what is needed everywhere. And staff from our motivated and knowledgeable, and they adjust and adapt quickly to new measures.

Colonel akudo stressed that “there is no question whether we may Division manipulated because we’re already there. The current practice in collaboration with the various forces, and the looks and practicing infantry regiment as all else. Significant steps have already been made: the Division required skills from the courses, when soldiers are required to keep these achievements required in all combat units in those areas and therefore there is no difference. The Warriors, the departments commanders and company commanders live reality of integrated combat unit is manipulated.

Deputy Battalion Commander “carob” sure success at the new-old battalion which encountered during operation cast lead. “Connected with Judea and Samaria, we bring with us the current line know-how that comes from working and operational amochnot,” explained Maj. Jason, “we come from a place of challenge for learning and a desire to know things.
Others, and very rapid progress. In the seven years since its inception, the Division takes more lines in the North and South, and we’re the ones who have to build it. “Our uniqueness, the Leopard achomata to success, every gap is definitely narrowing possible, that today no longer exists”.

Translated from Hebrew