Kfir fighters captured terrorists were planning an attack in Elon Moreh

The Warriors stopped two Palestinians who threw Molotov cocktails at an IDF post in gsertam. In their captured weapons and wrote it was their intention to carry out an attack in Elon Moreh

תאריך: 27/01/2013, 15:05    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Kfir Brigade forces arrested last night (Saturday) two Palestinians who threw Molotov cocktails at a military post, and in the event that planned to carry out an attack in the settlement of Elon Moreh. In addition, the Warriors found more of the Palestinians three projection devices and two Molotov cocktails, along with a letter in which the retiring aims to carry out the attack.

Yesterday in the evening, the Commander of the audio was kept in a pillbox near Huwara, South of Nablus, blowing up 300 metres from, and after a few seconds more, audio explosion told the IDF commander of the detachment site separately from “LAVI” of the Kfir Brigade, which captured the major Palestinian Faiz fares. “Seconds before the observations identified two people approaching the position.” Fars said the force captain in command, Sergeant in the Davidov, came immediately to the event, while the suspects began to escape North when the command from the same West bypass and the two.

Note that the two Palestinians found two knives and a letter written in Arabic, which
That attack was planned Elon Moreh settlement and if it will succeed, “every day, every hour and every minute,” it said, and resulted in the signing of organizing to stung. Captain fares noted in addition that the Scouts and saboteurs who arrived at the scene found three projection devices and two petrol bombs inside a bag, and that the suspects were arrested and transported
For investigation.

“This is a relatively rare event. Our sector is always operational arena, but the amount in addition to a letter found not normal, “explained Captain fares. The m note
Because the company, which went back to a sector training only a week ago, when performed there operational employment last year, know the sector well and the incident didn’t surprise him. “Striving for a good touch, along with a great view to the achooina, focused on identifying and transferring the reports,” he said.

Captain fares said that just a few days ago practiced shooting mode warriors into the position, and therefore able to react according to the instructions. “Our troops need to know how to protect
The best axis, walk and be alert and ready for any occasion ”
The verdict from “returned here immediately after training, prepared us well, and we know, and working in a very professional manner, any activity in the sector.

Translated from Hebrew