Koppel fix: 87-year-old volunteer who continues to assist IDF

קופל, בעוד יום של עבודה. צילום: אט”ל

Ralph folded comes every morning to rehab and maintenance in tzrifin, it helps in fixing faulty medical equipment. Even the 87 birthday is celebrated with his friends.
“Work. Up to 120

תאריך: 17/07/2012, 23:18    
מחבר: אלעד לביא, אט”ל

Even in old age, every birthday celebration is a happy occasion. But with colossal age birthday celebrated with coworkers — this privilege reserved for only a few.
Ralph folded, celebrates today (Tuesday) that the 87 birthday, surround himself with children,
Grandchildren and relatives – but also with colleagues from the workshop for medical equipment ™ maintenance and rehabilitation centre in Tel Aviv, where he volunteered for more than 20 years.

Folded deserves to be challenged every morning for a few hours and are unable to repair medical equipment skillfully: not equal piles of rehabilitation, otoscopes and blood pressure are collected daily on the table – and quickly piled up so that they are returned to their owners. Although
Not studied medical engineering world professionally, he noted that even on the trail, so I know the chances of zero-army is struggling. In his folded technical manages to surprise his commanders. “He already designed to gear anzil thrown,” notes proudly, workshop Chief Maj. Hagai Zamir. “He will do whatever it takes – lights out’s, and pastes – all so we don’t have to buy new equipment.

Koppel fix: 87-year-old volunteer who continues to assist IDF

His military career began folded long before the establishment of Israel Defense Forces: born in kolomyia town in Ukraine, joined the Russian army, which fought against Nazi occupation during World War II. In an attempt to recover from the war and the Holocaust, which killed many of his family, he began folded into working in a number of temporary jobs. “I’ve grown accustomed, Russia
Whoever works – not getting food. I went to work as a clerk in the Office “, he describes, and attaches great importance to labour, which is trying to teach the younger generation too.
“In Russia, the work period is what saved me from certain death”.

He immigrated to Israel in 1948 and the Palmach brigade that enlisted in the Negev as a driver.
But at the time of Egyptian border patrol there with Gen. Ret Amos horev (head of technology and logistics in the late 1960s), was wounded in the leg following the explosion of a mine.
As he recovers in the hospital, he is surprised to discover his military visitors.
It was Yigal Allon and Yitzhak Rabin memories of blessing – folded served as the Rabin’s, and both wars Israel side. In the hospital he also first met his wife, Anita, had married more than 60 years.

After completing his military service he began working at the factory “siniber” pumps. After 30 years in retirement it defines forced כ”פרישה” he decides you’re no longer work
Finish – and opens on searching for alternative occupation. “I felt I had to work.
At first I looked for jobs in the civil market and later turned over to the Defense request for a job. The name referred me to Misr (medical supply center) – love areas where were from and I haven’t missed one day of work. “

Ralph folded is a Holocaust survivor and a disabled IDF, he doesn’t let any of these preferences. In support of his two sons and five grandchildren, he continues to volunteer as long as his soul. Two years ago, he began writing a memoir of his life, sources of funding “Yad Sarah. The book is scheduled to come out in a few months, which describes the life stories of Koppel, accompanied by avatars. Painted wood.
In control of the white background on the cover. “This tree is a symbol of my life,” he says softly and stroking. “Almost no roots and rotten and race. But it managed to grow into a big tree with Amir and wide. I was able to expand to
Beyond what I expected to get.

Translated from Hebrew