Ladies in white

החובלות בסיום הקורס, השבוע. צילום: גל אשוח, דובר צה”ל

The school last completed three captains hoblot, proves it again.
The critical role of women in the Navy. Gen. RAM Rothberg: “Navy ahead and open toward other fighters and officers down the road.”

תאריך: 22/03/2012, 16:37    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

There is no one who doesn’t know the brave sailor who came in from the sea after the war to his waiting at the dock. This image became a symbol of American victory.
After World War II. This week, with Naval Academy graduation to 124, cameras lens also caught the three IDF news hoblot, who completed the course.

Navy commander major general RAM Rothberg, spoke at the ceremony and captains also discussed the position of elderly women among the graduates. Gen. Rothberg praised the officers-ending and said he was “proud of the personal tzlachtchn. However, he stressed that “as far as I’m concerned this is not a surprise. Navy ahead and open toward other officers and warriors down the road. “

Ladies in white

In the Navy it is no longer a surprise to see the parade of women dressed in caps, and almost every period you can find one. And Omar comes both from the water on each. Light, as a swimmer for 7 years before recruiting; Omar,
Marine-father family is “skipper”, and is itself a method already Affairs since he was 10.

With such tough love to argue, and the two tried their best in gadn before the draft.
“I got to gadn and moved”, or IDF website, “but it didn’t matter much, because I had to-and gadn.

It’s hard not to wonder how the perceived status of women ship command, captured so far.
Apparently, zero and concessions and not build the fairer sex. “At first you have to prove you were there on merit, but once you get one line like with one of them”, says Omar. The marketplace between friendships not felled captains, two excellent integration: “no longer feel the difference. We at best friends, feel at ease “.

While most girls do army service of two years only, choose light and Omar to serve as any fighter, and even sign a permanent Marine officers period. The course alone for the past two and a half long, which added permanent signing of 16 months.

“There are people who don’t understand why I’m doing this, ask for what, I could be in Thailand,” adds Orr with a smile. However, Paragon’s come from. “Come and ask me about the job, for the formulation and successful. It is there, “she says.

Translated from Hebrew