Launched a huge logistics base in the North to allow improvement of the operational activities in the Navy.

סטי”לים של חיל הים בפעילות. צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

After decades in which a number of basic equipment, provided support for the Navy, joined the business bases. The consolidation is part of a streamlining process in the Navy and will lead to a significant shortcut during the arrival of the ships

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מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

חיל הים
בסיס חיפה
מחנה החותרים

After decades in which a number of basic equipment and transports (cello) formed the different array that was responsible for naval craft and building strength, consolidated the various camps to base one that reads “the camp”, and sat around the Castle. The Union comes down to IDF and naval efficiency in particular,
And leads to significantly shortening the time of ships to travel along and the cruisers and increase operational limescale establishes their capability. In addition, the Foundation overseeing the procurement specification ihiai
It takes the Navy weapons procurement and dedicated to the craft.

In remarks to the Base Commander, Col. Yuval giladi said that “this camp was open for years. For most Czech word reminds little of the base. Both
Irrelevant-we strive, camp ten times larger. The spatial logistics gave the signal for growth is of special interest in Chile’s transition and unifying “.
Another Colonel giladi about the importance of expanding the base and then the matmmsh.
Napoleon said the army doesn’t move without logistics. The equipment is from a particular screw to an advanced weapons system sub, everything goes our way and hence the strategic importance of the base. “
Given the consolidation and exchange of the base commander decide in the evening to edit all the commanders to hunt, and to appreciate thanks to the oldest
The force, with the participation of head of the equipment, Brig. Gen. Moshe money Jeunet. See also Colonel commandants veterans
(RES) Judah, currently 90, a Holocaust survivor and the last remaining fighters from the ghetto fighter ahalutz. A Maimon commanded Charlie from 1967-1971. “I was born
Into the Navy. I was a marine platoon, and when Ben Gurion declared the establishment of the Navy became a sailor, “recalled.” When I look at today, it’s pride. Built it without any means of obsolete ships from Cyprus. When you come in today and see what happened and in force and some change before you understand the great importance. So there were arguments, if any, should the day force which clearly has strategic importance and some important arm of the sea “.

Translated from Hebrew