LaVie battalion of the scans, the arrests and the boys

צילום: דובר צה”ל

With red eyes from lack of sleep, after weeks of incessant activity, “LAVI” fighters found the bodies of the boys • “worked day and night and were not ready to stop.”

תאריך: 04/07/2014, 12:52    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל


18 days packed with activity signed earlier this week, when battalion fighters to bring lift the stretchers on which the bodies of the three kidnapped boys
And carried them to the evacuation helicopter. Weeks of action the Regiment, which included dozens of arrests and scans, led eventually to a shallow pit near Halhul, that name of Gilead Shaer, Naftali frenkiel and fagr. “We felt joy mixed with great sadness,” said battalion commander Lt. Col. Shahar LAVI, tiling. “Design for living and joy for finally bringing them to give families something to grab onto.”

The decision to reduce the scans it received as a result of finding a pair of glasses and sandal, which belonged to. Accordingly, the battalion’s forces and maglan unfolded. The pit where the bodies of the boys that is exposed by the residents, volunteers
I call to place IDF forces. “it was an effort of everyone on the military, the police, the
And citizens “, said Lieutenant Colonel tiling. “I am pleased that a battalion in operation.”

After ended the forensic work at the scene, the warriors to bring the Mission of clearing bodies from the pit to the helicopter. “There are some” battalion officers, told the company that mm, Lt. Yotam arieli. “We didn’t think too much, we did what we had to do. I thought it ended badly, but at least it’s over. Now parents know and can move forward, “he added.

LaVie battalion of the scans, the arrests and the boys

Finish the operational employment. Photo: IDF

The battalion’s efforts during the operation not only scans totaled. The Regiment is operationally in Etzion employment during eight months, and warriors are familiar with the area from which the boys were kidnapped. Operational period of employment at Etzion was supposed to be completed during the operation, but the Lieutenant was obvious as tiling and not leave the sector before they find the boys.

From day one of operation the battalion was sent to a wide variety of tasks, ranging from boycott from equipment in the region to arrest wanted persons. Firm activity, which lasted 24 hours a day, helped to gather the information that led eventually to the discovery of the bodies.
“I always knew this was a very determined battalion of missions,” said Meg.
“These last two weeks I’ve been proud of. The Warriors worked day and night, with red eyes from lack of sleep but wouldn’t stop. “

LaVie battalion of the scans, the arrests and the boys

Soon finished the cavalry operational employment sector, which Shea was on sale “return”. However, the battalion managed to record several additional operational achievements, including arrests of 186 wanted, 31 of them during the operation. In addition, the battalion managed to download several incendiary bottles injections on 13 occasions in January to a single case in the last month, and reduce significantly the amount of stones – from 54 cases in November.
To 17 in June.

Translated from Hebrew