Learning management system and training are only granted in the city in which innovative

יותר הדרכה, פחות תכנון זמנים. צילום אילוסטרציה

Elaborate system is expected to strengthen the monitoring of the progress of the troops, allowing staff to invest more in training and to build up his lessons herself.

תאריך: 20/02/2013, 12:51    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל, ואלעד לביא, אט”ל

Learning management system and advanced training in particular is expected to assimilate in training South (City). The elaborate system, which the Administration has been streamlined work procedures and learning in the training, give services in coming years.

How it works- By entering the code on the computer appears “kiosk” that displays data from the first order; The pre-release courses and learning materials military issued to a soldier during IDF training, personal systems and regenerative commanders. Also the tests conducted throughout the course designed on the computer performs soldier, shationim and statistics are calculated automatically and forwarded to the Commander’s computer. The system will be
You can catch more tutorial material, get quests given by commanders and other messages.

“This is a very elaborate system civilian army that will buy,” explained head of training in the city, Maj. ahmed_moustapha, “its purpose is to allow to manage another soldier’s learning combines the recruitment and to see his progress.
The system allows to create advanced axis of each trainee and grade in the course.

When the case is entered into the system of all the training courses (along the course, the course content and course training requirements), in addition to various constraints set course
(For example: don’t fall classes after 8 pm, there will be no night scopes), the system can put herself into and. “It would save time and allow the commanders courses and faculty to streamline their work,” added Maj. turgeman. “Examining the tests be computerized as did the calculations, which will lead to more accurate scores. In such a situation the campers will have longer training and instructors can actually deal with and guidance in planning, testing, and calculations, “noted.

Also the runnerup will start mentoring campus will have access to the system, and thus be able to service
More customized courses. “Once asecin can see which courses are held and when he could devise a better distribution of resources and supplies, and update on this system,” said רמ”ד training as well as he can forward messages to the pupils and logistical commanders”.

Translated from Hebrew