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צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

Years after cross the Red Sea Israel members, people from many countries in the world still find in the Holy land. In honor of the holiday: the story of immigrants from Lebanon, Syria and Yemen to serve in the IDF

תאריך: 05/04/2015, 17:52    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד ונדב זק, אתר צה”ל

The Passover holiday, cpl. y. used to celebrate with his family in Yemen. This year, he
Celebrate in Israel with a heavy heart. These days he can only look with concern on the Earth.
His hometown, and especially Jewish residents. “I talk to people who are today.
In Yemen and new remote, “he says. “Many countries attack Yemen, amid all the chaos I worry especially for Jews there and nowhere to run. All
Airports are down and they are stuck there. The situation in Yemen is unlike Earth military or police there and therefore hurts them so much. I fear for their lives. “

Lebanon port

CPL. j. left Yemen like saw. “I decided to go because the situation between the Jews and Muslims deteriorated over the years,” he says. “There was imminent danger to Jews and you could see it on the street. I heard about our friends and enlisted, and I told myself that I want to go. It was the first step to being part of the country. “

“Yemen told us the age of zero for the State of Israel. When I went, I figured I would give my life for this country. ” When the Earth began to study in the yeshiva and received the first order. “I wanted to be a fighter,” shares, the CPL. today “Army Warrior infantry learned about war and how this people Israel. nothing like Israel Israel really.”

The Great Rift

As RS shsern Mag military speak Arabic, people usually are surprised. Arabic-speaking environment doesn’t expect religious young them understand their language. “Have a basic academic reserve Druze who spoke among them.
In Arabic. When I spoke to them in the language they were shocked that wearing a beautiful season, “he shares. “In the end we for it.”

Lebanon port

Captain r. was born in Damascus, Syria, which immigrated to Israel as a child. Currently there are few Jews left in the country; Most of them left from fear of the regime. In recent years he saw.
Pictures and videos of Jewish neighbourhoods in Syria, captured by the Syrians who returned to the country as tourists. “The place looked different. Many of the Jews captured by Syria, while others have been converted into restaurants. I recently made a video of the synagogues in Damascus, which see how insurgents damaged portions, “he describes. “My father was praying at one of the synagogues and unpleasant to see what they did to this place. The main idea is we went in, we didn’t land name Baruch. “

Today, major server see the judge and he sees his future later on permanent service
In “my parents ever dreamed to be in Israel, and their son to serve as an officer in the Israel Defense Forces,” says. “It seemed like a distant dream, and I’m sure it plays them. Not because I was born in Israel, but in reality it isn’t obvious, I know we don’t have another country. “

“If we need to fight, do it without thinking twice.”

Third icon came to Israel at the age of five after his family fled Lebanon for fear
Their lives, following the withdrawal of the IDF from the security and the strengthening of Hezbollah in the region.
“I remember before there is a week pass in the car after we left the House without taking anything with us,” he describes. “Just us on the car and we ran away. Suddenly, the articles
IDF’s past us and threw us food because we had no where to buy or prepare it. ” It was the first meeting of g with Israel Defense Forces. Years later, he chose to enlist him, even though he is a Christian and is charged with recruiting.

Lebanon port

Illustration: the IDF spokesperson

These days, the third Lebanon war threat emerges occasionally, title and icon c
Left step. “If the situation is as a warrior to enter Lebanon, do it without a second thought,” he shares. “I’m not going to fight for my family, but the people who expelled me?
From home when I was a little boy “.

Dressed in olive uniforms of the IDF, he realizes how long his family moved. “My father
Excited to see me in the army, he was proud of me, “says Sergeant g with a smile. “This type of closure. They tried to kill us, and now I’m in the army who fought against them. The dream of always exists, but I don’t think it will come true soon. “

Translated from Hebrew