Letters to a lion.

Aliza Farkas sent postcard after postcard, brother told him about the House and asked me to come to visit. At the same time, Farkas conducted fell during the Yom Kippur war.
Now, the postcards see first light

תאריך: 07/10/2011, 11:31    
מחבר: דניאלה בוקור, אתר צה”ל

38 years ago hit the country during the Yom Kippur war, one of
The most difficult in the history of the State of Israel and was survived by her space. 2,222 fighters have lost their lives in the bloody battles and thus send bony fingers lose almost every house in Israel. Among the fallen was also a lion Farkas, a warrior armored Corps was killed in the fighting in the Sinai in the XVI in October, shortly after he was one of the first to break the West Bank of the Suez Canal.

During the harsh fight that nobody knew for sure what happened to loved ones sat, sister of 34egrg5, and wrote him letters. The rest of the family concerned sent favorite Warrior demands peace and hoped every day, biting fingers, hundreds of lives.
“People are starting to get shorter vacations may name and now we have hope,” too easy wrote Jolly watching the lately sent. “Joseph son of goddess is back in the House for 24 hours, when are you coming?” Postcard after postcard sent but lion ostrich.
Farkash family didn’t know that lion has been killed and read none of the letters meant to him.
Just days after receiving her cheerful and the word convert.

Mzhevot postcards, chilling testimony to the silent prayer, exposed for the first time now some thirty years. This is a rare glimpse of anxiety, and a stubborn attempt to remove the fog around an unknown fate was tragic.

25.10.73, the first letter

“Hello, lion

Another postcard postcard was written, and there is no visible in follow.
Naturally we are concerned.
Dad called, and again she passed her message with which you and everything is fine.
We all have a message but not satisfied and happy to see you again very soon.

Released and return to my family, what say you?
It is very difficult to calm these troubled times.
But with Stewart, war and peace with you. “

28.10.73, the second letter

“Dear lion greetings,

We don’t know if our letters at all come to you anyway, it’s been two weeks since you write us a letter, you might write, but didn’t show anything and we’re very, very concerned.
We hope that you are alive and well and you just don’t have time to write.
Dad again called and asked if she wrote DS also rose met today and said she’s working with to be sure of making sandwiches to soldiers I normally work a lot! Almost all days 12 hours without a break and rest, eight hours as all day.
Continue to take care of you.

Malkiel was at the doctor in Tiberias and receive medical treatment for a month and then join a year to go, hope this helps.

Everyone’s cell phones to ask for you. I was talking yesterday with Lydia and is most of the time with her that Alex, of course.

Lion. The word “sound” a little odd because I hear your voice heard for weeks.
Is there any possibility?
We congratulate you on the radio, you hear?
We heard. Care and lion country
Miss and love. Write good, sister, mom, dad and malchiel.

31.10.73, the last letter

“Hello, dear lion

Again I am writing to you, I’m sitting here with Mommy and watching on tv.
Power series “Cannon” attempting to pass the time.
Lion, all miss you and care about you.
People are starting to get shorter vacations may there and we now have hope that jump.
Josephus goddess returned to the House for 24 hours, when are you coming?
The time is passing and miss you.
Sometimes we think our letters might not reach you like yours don’t come to us,
But still, hope so.
Maybe you could send his regards through the radio?
Or something else in any form.
At the moment.
Over the film and Hyla Sarah great before wounded in Hadassah in Jerusalem, has everyone State
The spirit of Nahariya cousins are coming every day to ask you, Lydia’s father, too.
Sorry I wrote, it’s hard to write mom says that she feels I saw you on tv next to Golde Naaman called? It returns all the time with supplies, Zaki was asking about you.
I just got up to sing ran eliran. hope you see something that sometimes bear routine, you have something?
Write or call lion in any form, take care and love dad, mom and sister Alisa.

One of the first to break the West Bank of the Suez Canal.

Lion Farkas was drafted in 1967, two months after the six day war.
A shrioner proud. He was revered by his commanders, who testified about a talented Commander, a decision the leadership capabilities. After serving in the IDF regular release and six years later, in the midst of undergraduate studies, and order quickly was to assist IDF forces fighting the war. Lion and his forces were among the first to break the West Bank of the Suez Canal, and playing gets together with other fighters ambushed an Egyptian artillery, killing him.

Translated from Hebrew