Libertarians kosher for Passover

Military Rabbinate has provided this year kosher for Passover foods also animals serving in the army, including dogs and llamas and alpacas, preserving health and competence

תאריך: 10/04/2012, 13:34    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

Kosher Passover also walking on all fours: apparently not just soldiers marching on stomachs full of Matzo and Matzo. Also the owners of the IDF provided kosher food. The food, which is made primarily from corn and wheat starches, innocence and meets the criteria of the military Rabbinate. However, the nutrient values are adjusted to the owners, nor interfere in functioning and health.

“From the wide variety of animals in, we can say that 99% of them are eating kosher for Passover,” said IDF site רמ”ד Kosher Food Center, Maj. which Landau. The process of satisfying kosher food send in the army has grown in the past five years, and the animals that feed on him can be found in the unit “dogs” sting, the air force’s security and even llamas used to carrying weights.

“The Passover” diet of animals watching military vets, to make sure no harm caused. “We understand that food they didn’t used to, so they’re used to it gradually, one week of continuous health testing,” explained Rabbi major Landau, “initially given concentration of 20% of kosher for Passover food and regular food, and slowly but surely was raised. Kosher food is considered to be equally healthy eaters of the usual machoiilot, and purchased hundreds of pounds by the Center.

The Minister of the army life allows the full approval of the bases and outposts.
Where the animals are placed. So are many Halachic issues without harming the animals.

Translated from Hebrew