Living future officers practiced complex warfare in built-up area

Urban warfare conceals many challenges – civilian presence to catch civilian facilities. From John Candy: describes “we could meet at the North and South.”

תאריך: 26/08/2013, 15:47    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

The Cadet battalion, the officers lived in the future, try last week in a class exercise in fighting in a built-up area. The training was conducted in urban warfare training center, in partnership with armor, artillery officers and riding. 
“Built it describes we can meet at the North and South,” said Majid, Lieutenant Colonel Shai Klapper. “The goal of this exercise is to train the future Infantry Division Commander during the war in that area,” said Majid.

He said future combat to be integrated include armor and artillery forces. “That’s why we put it in already. Each Cadet should understand the world of other ground forces, “explained Lieutenant Colonel Klapper and added that” the cadets fill the roles throughout the exercise, including walking, vertebral bug ambushes and steep track.

During the training the cadets coped with the challenges of fighting describes, from the presence of civilian population alongside to catch terrorist organizations of houses. To illustrate the cadets the situations where they might encounter some buildings in olchdo compound urban warfare training, and of abductions staged by Director.

Through the training of fighters also became acquainted with the nature of urban combat. “Urban warfare is combat and slow,” educated in the industry (urban warfare), Deputy Nayef. “The enemy has the advantage of familiarity with the area, and has many possibilities for hiding places,” he added. The exercises also included releasing hostages and dealing with the civilian population. “It’s a delicate situation that one side should know not to hurt civilians, and the other in disorderly.” said Lieutenant General contractor.

For some vine battalion cadets it was the first time during their training have in her class at regimental. “I had a good experience and I think me coming as” cadet, “said Shai Dome, who commanded a platoon in the exercise.
“We should manage to cover each other and talk about with other commanders. We were up all night and was walking seven miles to destination, then one
The challenge was to lead the Department and ensure they never tire, “concluded.

Translated from Hebrew