Location revolution

מכ”ם רז. צילום: אתר זרוע היבשה

Artillery corps introduces new player location scene: as ר”ז (long-arm) can detect and deal with rocket threats from the air, larger ranges and greater accuracy. The new system to run location-specific units and constructed in meteorology

תאריך: 23/10/2009, 13:47    
מחבר: יונתן אוריך

The Israeli pinpoint likely to leap significantly during 2010, with the entry of the Israeli-ר”ז radar (long arm) – operational.
Over the last eight years developed what an IDF (SSC) hastily, the radar fully identify threats.

“Compared to the previous ה”נוריות value “, the new radar deal with large ranges several times,” said IDF major site Zahi רמ”ד mkatm, Goldring location in” is faced with several tasks at the same time, the identification of several launches simultaneously. It is, if
Yes, her peripheral features, “he added. The system also monitors other planes and used control unit.

As part of the course including the IDF, the new radar is able to communicate with our forces, in real time. It is connected to the command and control systems (“Holocaust”), which is the latest ichons updates. The information flows to the relevant forces: the effect on the ground, the situation on the ground, in the air and more. This is significant news – both the array and especially attacks to maintain troops on the ground.

In the latest operation in Gaza, operation cast lead, the radar’s experiment: the Gaza Strip was an early version of the system, still under development. The experiment sought to check
Dealing with the radar-split test was successful in adjusting of the threats. Operational trials continue, even now, with the operational systems and the finality of the moment, radar in express satisfaction with the task.

So far, the IDF made use of ה”נוריות formation” for adjusting rocket threats. ר”ז radar is expected to replace them, a process that will take several years. However, Maj. Goldring wishes to emphasize that the ה”נוריות eulogize”: “these systems continue to serve in other arenas and against other threats. The LEDs will be transferred from the reserve to the regular forces.

In terms of system operations, artillery corps intend to establish specialized units for refrigerators and that will be to run the new array. Torchbana units are teams of about 20 soldiers from the last time the supplementary procurement several sets of the new radar deployed in the pikodies sectors.

Translated from Hebrew