Looking through the rear

תמונה: ארכיון דובר צה”ל

We talked with the HFC on the back as the front, making the life saving and the assistance given to residents of the South face of the complex reality

תאריך: 13/03/2012, 14:39    
מחבר: דניאלה בוקור, אתר צה”ל

Residents of the South running a protected space for another few days not at all sound alarm inside the havoc imposed trying front command being the shield.
Most people who suffer. From the search and rescue teams went on the ground under fire to just rely on media advocacy to save human lives, there is no doubt that the Orange’s work is far from over. Met-both two different axles on the HFC to hear about the great help they give the intolerable reality, under the squawking cries of sirens.

“Kids need to know instructions save lives”

Rehoboam camp, drowning the public telephones. In order to distribute the home front command directives to the civil population there is a need for extensive request session
Bodies and civilian communications media and fulfillment brochures through the mail. “From morning till
Night should be in constant contact with the media, update on the Web and become hotline
Citizens phones. ” Explains רמ”ד, Maj. Tal mihalovici. “We often update our Facebook page and our website in real-time, so that social networks will respond to this emergency.

The section doesn’t just appeal to an older audience and is fluent in Hebrew and is trying to appeal to all sectors,
For all ages and for all languages. “We have cooperation with the kids when we raise emergency radio with the children, like Tal Mosseri and Roni superstar, explaining about the protected area selection and command directives. Indicates major from mihalovici. “It was an initiative of the section with the understanding that even relevant age 8 years and children need to know how to follow the instructions of the cymbals. According to planning special announcement tomorrow will be transferred with פקע”ר channel representative and open forum questions and answers for kids. “And again, everything.
In order to reach all of the population. Stresses the major mihalovici.

With the understanding that not every Hebrew-speaking residents in the South extends section these days his work also the Arab population and uses channels speaking different languages to communicate
The messages. We also use Arabic channels to help residents of the South such as Arabic rahat ” Explanatory information is רמ”ד. “The Russian channel Channel 9 started to move
Briefings in Russian and recruited instructors in Amharic as well to answer questions. We try
Make diversity of languages.

“We want to reach all populations in order to assist everyone, every possible access ways. Summarizes major from mihalovici.


“Even in Ashdod are people like guarding my house.”

In parallel to the front of public diplomacy are used by teams of the HFC in initial critical response motkapot when rockets fell. Maj. Joab Abu, a company came home in deposit, found in recent days in moderate activity in Be’er Sheva.
He heads two forces responsible for rescuing trapped debris, falls, and work with the civil authorities assistance. “We have great importance in many ways, including moral, we shot. Explains major Ben Abu. “Our presence in the streets helps create confidence among citizens and if we rush event to give an answer. Besides we teachers help the Airmen for answering questions that arise and also help children pass the time pleasantly relatively terrifying. “

Maj. Ben Abu and his commandments deal with no easy tasks, one of the most memorable events specifically for him occurred in b. just finished “assessing when we got an update on rocket
Next to the building there and to create isolation and vulnerability detection scans
And we’re not done yet, and the process and inform us about the fall in the school yard. He says. “At school, as we make them, we got a call last operations fell in the courtyard of a housing complex”. The fallen, Maj. Ben Abu, particularly dangerous because it could explode at any moment. “We were among the first to be there, and sealed off the area. We were assured that everything was fine and we called the bomb squad. “

“When we evacuated everyone and we are convinced that nobody in homes around approached us. He goes on to describe. “It was just a matter of minutes, bomb squad already
Report and she came and told the press that her mother, an elderly woman, is at a distance of perhaps 5 yards from anepl.

A small team went to the House. After some hasty answered the door-pounding foreigner confused and behind an older woman, patient, is connected to the device and wheelchair. “We immediately responded to calls.” Several major Ben Abu. “We were able to extract it using d and I can’t even explain the feeling of the whole story.
I knew we were doing something for the benefit of people and saved them.

Although major Alamo operates in Beersheva, but the heart is continually to youngest son and half is in Ashdod, a city still raw!. eye of the storm. “Such a small age he responds to sound the sirens.” He says. “He knows how to lift your arms and jump into the hands of my mother. What relaxes me, I’m sure, as I help in General, are people like me who keep my home “.


Translated from Hebrew