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Well, officer, Brig.-Gen. otgon logistics, talking about immigration
Slowly, the air force continues to implement the conclusions of the second Lebanon war and wants a percentage of logistics facilities in staffing • special interview

תאריך: 07/07/2008, 22:10    
מחבר: אלעד שלו

After two years in exile under the command of GoC army headquarters returned, logistics Corps to אט”ל. Commodore otgon well, Chief Logistics Officer, is the only force officer hat that all organizational changes-stay
In the scene, and return slowly during three years of tenure as an officer.
Now practice in logistics Corps gradually to their new-old and to return the powers taken from them in some hailies with them to GoC army headquarters. Management, scheduling and label personnel, as was the case for dozens of years, the responsibilities of the force and the perception that the troops are the first professional army receives reinforcement
Under the tenure of Chief Gabi Ashkenazi. “The force received impetus in reinforcing and anchor hailit authority and these aspects the change was really a breath of fresh air and positive,” says קל”ר.

Does ibotschm in GoC army headquarters hit in function of the force?

“There is no doubt that East was clear priorities and defined the logistics is not necessarily a priority. However, I felt every injury to logistic spatial trusses or army ordnance units. The move to cut off us no chance of our touch. — He was legitimate considerations, although it is no secret that we think differently about the need for change and eventually it turned out that we were right, “says Brig. Gen. Ben.

Organizational change in logistics is not over restoring force, but also the creation of new Logistics Division, headed by Brigadier General Nissim Peretz, under אט”ל.

What is actually the difference between logistics Corps Logistics Brigade-

“For decades we’ve become accustomed to the apply professional liability covers the building of power is the Supreme authority in the field of enterprise while the Logistics Division is responsible for turning the power on the ground. Now we are going back to basics-there all duplicates, but two bodies that it needed to hold it to the other side, “added Brigadier General Ben.

A change of 100 basic laws

Several months after returning and logistics Corps March towards a few tasks imposed mainly caused is dealing with the emergency force readiness. “The perception that the army was built for war and make adjustments to the procedure is correct. We are now in the right place in the timeline interface and operating closely with the axis power “, indicates the main קל”ר that insist in to get to the end of 2008 is strengthening the professional corps anchored by training and coaching of the Warrior and the logistics domain helper
Logistics in the battle. As a result, the possibility is currently being tested to establish units
The Logistics Division annexed countries to to replace the assistance (logistics bundle) and allow emergency logistic operating flexibility and increased levels of control and manipulation of the divisions in a State of war. “In 2007 it was possible to see significant improvements in the logistical aspects of eligibility in operative plans, training and quality made units. I have no doubt that amochnot and logistic capabilities have improved significantly, but there’s always room for improvement, particularly in the field of raising awareness among commanders about the importance of logistics in responsibility, “Brig. Gen. Ben.

As part of this trend are added during 2007 professional logistics content throughout the course the course from commanding officers of corporations. At the same time changed over
100 basic laws in logistics for training exercises and for logistical, as part of the lessons of the second Lebanon war. Also the reserve entry training is expected rise to allocate marine reserves annually and 3D training value label ordered yearly. “The reserve officials surprised us for the better before, after and during the war. Are the most significant force in qualifying and our emergency training and despite an increase in the amount they keep training days to report for duty in admirably,
Praises קל”ר.

Another area where planned systemic change is manpower. Logistics Corps making extensive efforts these days to reduce the Eagle during the service and increase the number of signatories in service battalions and divisions alive, thus reducing the gaps that exist in these monuments. In order to implement the plan, “force” (formerly), staff work to exhaustion in logistics personnel and troops control device for locating problems with the motibedit service. These efforts
Significant success when last year raised the percentage of staffing for logistics facilities from 50 percent to 80 percent. Another significant project by the force in the field the Eagle is in the IDF’s drivers committed work force to reduce the transport drivers, Eagle and look during the training, which fall most of the soldiers in
It. “This is significantly important to the logistics and soldier we leave in this area was also a long-term thinking-another soldier that added to the lead in the reserves,” says Brig. Gen. Ben. This project was success
Shchium is an impressive Corps of over 100 percent in the number of staffing standards.

According to Brig. Gen. Ben Tov, organizational instability was one of the leading factors in the existing gap. “The instability in a professional occupation. I hope we bmalchim for all officers and NCOs under force and the understanding that there is a major factor is the parents, give them the desire to remain an island of stability and “organizational, general agreement a good son.


Translated from Hebrew