Lt. General (Ret.) Amnon Lipkin-Shahak, the Israeli army’s 15th Chief, passed away

Lipkin-Shahak died after a lengthy struggle with severe illness. As Chief of staff, emphasizes
To continue building strength for war, improving the look and increase the motivation to serve in the u.s. Army Reserve and

תאריך: 19/12/2012, 12:28    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

The IDF’s 15th Chief of staff, Amnon Lipkin-Shahak, passed away today (Wednesday) after a lengthy struggle with severe illness.

Chief of the General staff of the IDF, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, general staff of the IDF, IDF commanders and soldiers in the regular and reserve army salute in memory of General (Ret.) Amnon Lipkin-Shahak and participate in the family. The Lipkin-shachak’s funeral will be held tomorrow (Thursday) at 3 pm at the military cemetery at Kiryat Shaul at Tel Aviv.
The funeral will be held in full military ceremony. The coffin of General (Ret.) Amnon Lipkin Shahak will carry eight officers with the rank of major general.

Lt. General (Ret.) Amnon Lipkin-Shahak, the Israeli army’s 15th Chief, passed away

Lipkin-Shahak was born in 1944 in Tel Aviv. After graduating in military Academy
Next ה”ריאלי” school in Haifa in 1962 joined the paratroopers brigade. In 1965, he was appointed commander of the paratrooper battalion company 202 newborn erected. As from participating in reprisal operations prior to the six day war in Jenin, Qalqilya and samou. The six-day war, he served as substitute Deputy Commander and regiment after the war received over duchifat unit of paratroopers, with also participated in “Rama”, followed by a medal of courage on discovering leadership and courage under fire.

After graduating in command and was appointed in 1971 to the parachute regiment, MAG during this period took part in many operations battalion mainly in Lebanon. In April 1973 in one 1973 “operations” against terrorist headquarters in downtown Beirut in a medal of courage on leadership in action. During the Yom Kippur war he served as a lieutenant.
The Commander of the paratroopers in the Chinese farm and battles the ismialia region and succeeded in Sinai. After the Yom Kippur war was appointed the officer commanding the central agenda sent to command and Marine Corps Headquarters in the USA.

Lt. General (Ret.) Amnon Lipkin-Shahak, the Israeli army’s 15th Chief, passed away

In 1976 was promoted to the rank of Colonel as head of the force theory paratroopers and reserve Parachute Brigade Commander. In 1977 he was appointed commander of the paratroopers brigade. During this time the regiment has operational sectors and entire series of operations across the border in Lebanon and took part in operation Litani and the border crossing operations. After his role as Commander of the paratroopers brigade was appointed armored reserve Division, and in 1982 for “Division Commander”, with steel in Lebanon as Beirut area and Arthur after the Lebanon war.

In 1983 was appointed OC Central command which was responsible for fighting terrorism in Judea and Samaria and the Jordan border blocking. In 1986 to 1991, he served as head of intelligence,
In those years the deal strengthened intelligence alert from war, fighting terrorism and towards the end of the period of development which led to the Gulf war and major operations against the State of Israel. In 1991 he became Deputy Chief of staff, and that was the Commander of operation “, which were to land about 15 thousand Ethiopian Jews.

On January 1, 1995, he was appointed as Chief of staff in his Chief of staff put the emphasis on continuing construction, force deployment and improving the look, an emphasis to Warrior care and as a person, increasing the motivation to serve in the army reserves and, maintaining the separation of politics and military strengthening of IDF relationships. A graduate of the national security College and graduated from the Department of General history at the University of Tel Aviv, married with five children, finish his as Chief in 1998.

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