Machado for creative thinking

GoC army recently held a Conference of צה”לי development and training teams, in order to expand the professional knowledge among the soldiers arm training

תאריך: 20/07/2011, 13:43    
מחבר: דניאלה בוקור

“The army is not demonstrated creativity” accusing Winograd Commission report published in 2007. Creativity and creative thinking are seen as tools of creation: art, design, publishing and marketing etc. In fact, even in the world of war, made with a surprising idea to Crown the winners. Large battles decided in unconventional strategist’s hand, and advanced weapons were invented by
Those who managed to see in foreign functional cohesive solution.

“Creative thinking” was chosen to be the Conference theme from (instructional development team) the first army, which was held last Thursday at Latrun. A day that included lectures, from creative development to thought, kvon and updates regarding projects rolling the training learned about 100 soldiers and soldiering with pink lacing Fuchsia unexpected ways to look at. “For several years we are trying to do this Conference.” In opening the רמ”ח things in GoC army headquarters, Col. tzvika tzoran. “The aim of
Of the Conference is to expand your knowledge in developing the guidance. Ultimately, we want to enrich and update large projects and to increase the motivation and with everyone.

“It is important for us to show that important and their work teams in meaningful units,” IDF Maj. Mohammed site Caro, Commander of military training. “This is indeed the first Conference, but I believe he will have a future. The hope that each year there will be another symbol, also discussed projects “.

Developer training

After the lecture, Breyer’s “creativity development”, presented several projects that have won recognition in the arm. The first project, in which a new מ”כים class program lectured to start, improve their ability to perform investigations after missions.
“Following the investigation we found out the educational qualification,” Sgt. Daniel twersky, commanding קה”ד.” in the past, is not perceived as a basic skill training. The change in perception has led to the construction of the new program.

The fresh from the chosen to avoid investigations tasks and successful figure wrong the model in which research is carried out, the real problem with the teams from the North.
Recently, I decided to work the whole course on the issue, and build research workshop and remake based on simulations of famous cases and uses various measures like training videos. In addition, after each course, practice made investigations: whether navigation and the tasks, and are accustomed to the basic qualification. “The workshop is working well,” said Sgt. twersky. “Commanders and students feel safer in carrying out investigations and now term emphasis on lessons learned.

Another project is conducted many miles away-HAL from team building training local personnel from selected to be commanders of the following courses. Elders, chiefs, known as “gardeners”, suffered from low motivation, mainly because of the substantial role as a fighter. In addition, inexperience of gardeners and hichukm with the old capture created from working from a disadvantage. Using the work of soldiers
The from, after nine months ‘ designs built a course attribute as a pilot, which were adjusted to the training content. “The gardeners” undergo four days of training,
They experience and understand how to become “staff” course, and they’re coming to sneakers
Staff seamlessly. The senior staff of the indication of an improvement in time management, quickly assimilating Hummel and performing the exercises, and of course increased motivation.

The guidance Department is also engaged in the development of coaches and simolterim. “IDF GoC army headquarters
Are absorbing significant simolterim, discovered major protective Goldman, רמ”ד infantry artists development.” circulation, for example, training for Lao to have to go through a simulator. Lao missiles are expensive and the Simulator is an effective examination without the need for live ammunition, which will pclistim “. Besides, revealed major Goldman, several infantry, frame artists that already exist in several bases, will join came: Golani,
Givati and kfirs. In which simolterim are used in close combat also the tavor, who joins to old M-16 and M-4 already installed in the system.

Translated from Hebrew